Friday, October 9, 2015

My new Copper Cascading Heucherella arrived today!

I ordered a new cascading heucherella that I looked for all summer.  It came from North Carolina and due to the weather the package got held up but it finally got here today.  It looks pretty poor and I hope I can save it.

I potted it and watered it and the other two small plants that they sent.  Since the temps are dropping down into the 40s tonight so I brought the 3 pots into the house tonight.  I will take them back out on the patio tomorrow in the sun and warmer temps.  

I will try to give you updates if it makes it!

This is what it is suppose to look like!  I have wanted one since first site!

The leaves will change and some of the leaves will turn to this coppery orange!  I sure hope it lives!
I will be repotting these plants on the patio so I will bring them in.
This huge fern is coming in too.  All of these plants were brought into the house during the winter last year.

God bless you all.  

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