Tuesday, November 3, 2015

where did fall go?

Danny and I worked in the yard yesterday and today, blowing and vacuuming leaves, cleaning, emptying flower pots, cleaning the garage and the shop and I filled a few cracks in the asphalt driveway.  We have come in the house absolutely worn out both nights...a good tired!

We had sunny skies, temps in the 70s.  Slight breeze...beautiful.  People are burning leaves and the air just smells like fall.

Pictures taken from our lawn looking down on Fine Lake.  I stop often from my chores in the lawn to see the beautiful view.  This fall has been so beautiful!

Thank you Lord for such a beautiful day!  

http://lesfeldick.org. Les Feldick sticks to the Bible and backs one verse up with another verse...Believe!

Saturday, October 31, 2015

Catch up post

The weather has been chilly and rainy most of the week.  I have been sewing and painting to make a few handbags.
I have spent a couple of weeks on this one.  It took for ever for the oil paint to dry so I could start sewing.
I put on feet!  
Lined with pockets!
My next project is ready to start stitching!  I will show you the results when I am finished.

This week being Halloween I have been seeing some older pictures of my grandchildren and one in particular has a sewing project.

Wyatt asked me to make him a Halloween costume.  He stood beside me one Saturday night as I sewed up this clown suit.  He leaned against me a little harder as I stitched and pulled the Ruffles.  He asked me what time it was.  I told him after midnight.  He told me that his mom and dad had never let him stay up that late before.  He was very tired when I had him try it on.  I had him sit on the bench with the pumpkin and snapped this shot, poor baby was so sleepy!  But he was very happy with his clown suit.
I also got this sweet shot!  He has always melted my heart and still does!  His daddy melts my heart when he gives me his sweet smile too.

Lexi, was going to a party dressed as a pirate...too cute!
My handsome Brandon, face timed me to show me his costume...he is so cute!
Brandon giving me the full effect of his costume!
Evan....this duck and his mommy came over to treat or treat.  So cute!
The backside!
The only grandchild that I did not hear from tonight was the oldest, Wyatt but I have some sweet memories of him back in his earlier years.  I bet he was out and about...junior in college...I can not believe it!  

I am so blessed and I pray you are too!

Bible study continues daily.  We watch Through The Bible with Les Feldick on Tv every morning and I often sit down for a tea break and watch him on Lesfeldick.org or on you tube. I watched part 1 and 2 of his day seminar in Tulsa OK on you tube.  He explains and uses scriptures to back up what is happening in the Middle East today!   I have prayed long and hard for God to help me understand the Bible and my prayers have been answered...the Bible is the most fascinating book that I have had read!

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Putting the flower beds to bed for the winter

Most of last week was spent cleaning out flower beds, vacuuming leaves in the yard, and mulching the flower beds.  Temps fell in the low thirties over the week end.
Steiner helped me put a few inches of mulch around my heuchera.
The leaves are turning but dropping fast.  Danny and I have been vacuuming up the pine needles for mulch and we mix in some of the chopped maple leaves.  
I have several mum plants and blanket flowers still blooming.

I must love red, it is everywhere!
This long bed is mulched and ready for winter.  I have a few plants that are in full bloom...mums, stonecrop, browned eyed Susan's.  I had a red hot poker blooming as well as little violas.  I also soaked the beds good before mulching.  Our ground is very dry.o
The new bed is looking so good!
Sweet Tea heucherella...changing colors weekly.

I like cocoa bean hull mulch but of course I could not get anymore this fall.  Pine needles are cheaper under the trees in the back yard but I will need to watch and test my soil next Spring.  They are high in acid.

I ask you to pray for my youngest daughter tomorrow.  She is having surgery.  

I pray for this country.  I praise God for the many blessings that we enjoy daily.  I pray that you know Jesus Christ and believe that He died for us on the cross and was resurrected and will return soon to rule this world.  
We continue to study our Bible with Les Feldick.  Lesfeldick.org
God bless!

Monday, October 19, 2015

Dreary day enjoyed by all

Evan spent this afternoon with us. He keeps us hopping!  He and I went to the little Dowling library. He was the best little 4 year.  

My oldest grandson is an under graduate at MU.    He is working on some research...he is the guy with the red shirt.

I also found my little prayer book that I had not found since our move...I had looked everywhere.  

I am so blessed!  Another wonderful day...thank you Lord!  


Saturday, October 10, 2015

Trip to Shipshewanna, Indiana

Evan loves to go to Shipshewanna.  He has had a difficult time starting school this fall...he only goes on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday afternoon, but he was afraid of the other kids and has a separation issue with his mama.  We shop at E&S, a bulk Amish store, to buy in bulk and restock our pantry before winter hits us again.  

You see E&S has 2 or 3 long aisles of candy...Evan loves it!  I on the other hand, was thrilled to find that E&S was celebrating their anniversary and had many great deals.  50#s of flour was $9.  50 #s of potatoes $8.49, big delicious apples 15.50 for a bushel.  They Fed us lunch too.  

I had already put most of the supplies we purchased before I thought about getting pictures.  The big red apples are huge!  We buy in bulk so the prices are cheaper.  You can get everything at this big store.   The russet potatoes are huge!  I store the potatoes in old wooden Apple crates from Angie's farm in my storage room downstairs.  It stays cool and dry and I have several shelves with my canning, all the paper products that we buy in bulk.  We also made a SAMs Club run and purchased instant potatoes..we really like them, coffee, flour..I didn't get the 50#s of flour, 10 is plenty.   We don't get out on the slick roads during the winter months and so we don't journey into the stores.  We will have potatoe soup if nothing else!

I pray you are blessed and your pantry is full with more than enough!

We are in 1Corinth With Through the Bible with Les Feldick.  Danny and I have our am coffee while watching his program every am.  We then listen to a lesson on our IPad at bedtime.  The Biooks of the Bible fit together from the very beginning in Genesis to the last book of Revelation.  I have learned so much!