Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Youngest grandson in the back yard

Wayne and Evan walking around in the backyard.  Angie did not feel well Sunday so Wayne was trying to keep Evan occupied.

checking out Nana's flowers..no smell????

Love this look...it is hard to get a picture of it...his mind is churning and what is he going to say???

Delightful Monday

Cool and Cloudy and looks like it could rain at anytime...so it is an inside day.  I had planned to work in the flower beds and clip and take out the old flowers that are turning brown and put out more mulch in some of the beds. 

After the house work Danny and I put up a platform bird feeder with a roof in the back.  The little birds will have shelter from hawks with the fly through roof.  I am hoping that having the feeder in the fenced in area in the back yard will keep the neighbor's cats from catching the sweet little birds.

I added a little kitchen bling to my window in the kitchen.  What is better than chickens...bling chickens!

Little chickadee looking in the dining room window.  He chirped at me and pecked at the window...he was very persistent for a while.

Heard a frog chirping while Danny and I were sitting on the patio and the sound was coming from the elephant ear.  We spotted this little green frog sitting in the sun on one of the leaves. 

He had a photo shoot until he decided that he was tired of that!

Today was a blessed day and I hope you experienced the love and grace of God in your life too.  Prayer is so powerful.  I worry over things and then give it to God but I am human and sometimes I take it back so I can worry over it some more.  But I know that God answers prayers in his own way at his own time so much better than I can take care of things.  
God bless you and keep you!

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

A Bird Watching Day in SW Michigan

I enjoyed the rainy day today.   I cleaned the inside of the house yesterday and we mowed and worked outside on Monday so we took it easy today and I found myself watching the birds and trying to figure out a bird we see quite often.  email me at rocnbarc@icloud.com if you know what kind of bird he is.  I think he has to be a cardinal but he is different.

 Many birds are coming to our feeders....so are the squirrels too.  The temps are suppose to drop for the rest of the week after this cold front goes through.

More of my beautiful little friends:

I will try to get back soon and type in the names of theses birds.  If anyone knows more information about my mystery bird, I would love to hear from you.

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Gilmore Red Barn Car Show

Today was the Red Barns Spectacular XXIV Car show at Gilmore's.   The first thing we saw after we went through the gate is this old truck...but when we stepped into the buildings,  the old cars are lined up, music of the period playing, even displays of clothing of the period....beautiful!  Danny has been here a few times but it was my first time...but not my last!   Gilmores is only 7 or 8 miles from our house.  There were suppose to be over 1000 cars here today.  We did not make it all the way out to the outer fences....our feet hurt, our energy was gone and we kept looking until we got hungry and so tired that we had to quit.  I wish I could have had my cousin Shirley and her husband John with us today.  John worked for Ford for many years and I know he would have enjoyed seeing all the restored old cars.  Shirley and I would have had our heads together looking and talking about all the old clothes.  Shirley and John collected antiques for many years and Shirley could have probably gave me an education as we looked at the exhibits.  

I felt like I was seeing the automobiles and costumes from Downton Abbey....I love that show!

I loved this old car!   Many pictures on the wall...this picture hanging by this car was an old hot rod jumping the train tracks as a train approches.

I remember having bell bottoms similar to the ones pictured in the sixties....and I thought they were a new and in thing!   

I don't know all the details of each car....but this one was so beautiful!

You know I love hats and making hats so the costumes took my eye.   I especially like this style....clothe hat, flapper hat...do you think that I was suppose to be born in the 20s?  

I hope I have not bored you too much.   Just a glimpse of Gilmore Car Museum in Hickory Corners, Michigan.
God bless you  and keep you....