Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Traveling back in time...

I want to share some of my photos from about 46 or 47 years ago.  Danny left home right after high school to go to the Navy during the Vietnam years.  He walked alone to the end of his driveway  as a boy and I would even hate to think of what he saw or did during those 4 years of his life after leaving the farm for the Navy.

He had been raised as a farmer's son.  Chores and milking before school and got off the bus in the evening and went back out to the barn to chore and milk.  No basketball or after school activities for him. Everyday...7 days a week.   His dad expected the boys to work hard.  He even pulled the boys from Browning school because they didn't get home until after dark in the evenings and he needed their help.  Danny then went to Bucklin to school.  He graduated 50 yrs ago this May.

I can't imagine being alone and knowing that you might never see home again.  Saying good-by to all you know. Being all alone for the first time.   Riding on a train for the first time, flying on a plane for the first time.  Having a drill Sargent yelling at you.  Then being shot at.  

Danny sitting on the ship...just looking handsome...all tan and buff!

My handsome sailor

  Danny served in the US Navy for 4 years.  He ran up and down the rivers in Vietnam, I don't know all the details.  I do know that what he saw and did effected him to this day.
He just mentioned today that when his Vietnam interpreter didn't show up they knew that they were going to be hit that day.

My pictures are old and cracked so I thought I needed to try to salvage them the best that I could by scanning them and getting them reprinted.  I plan to make a shadow box frame and include his medals and ribbons and his pictures to hang on the wall.

When we met in 1969, we were attracted to each other the first time we saw each other...lol...2 loose cannons.  I had met my match and I know he had met his!  We loved to drive his 69 Camero fast.  I sat on the console by him as he would drag race anyone that pulled up by him.  He still does not let anyone beat him off the light at a stop light...he pins you back in your seat...I just know it is going to happen but our grand children as babies have laughed and told Papa to go faster.  I have ducked my head at times and other times I have rolled down my window and rubbed it in to the other young driver.

Thanks for going down this memory lane with me.  We will be married 45 yrs this May.  He is my best friend and the father of our beautiful children...little angel, Amy Anne, our son, Ryan, and our daughters Angelia Renae and Lisa Marie...and our wonderful grandchildren...Wyatt, Lexi, Brandon, and Evan.  God has blessed us.  Thank you Lord for letting Danny come home safely from that terrible war.  Thank you for the hard times so that we could grow closer and enjoy  the good times together.  We are so blessed and I pray that you are too!

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

More mixed media

Rain, snow, and sleet did not dampen my day!  I had a great day today!  Worked downstairs in my studio and had tea and a great visit with Becky and her sister, Carol.  Carol is an artist and does lovely paintings.   You can see her art at www.caroljansson.com. Take a look.  Becky is a weaver and sells her work at the farmers market...both are very nice talented gals!  It made my day!

I enjoy mailing things to my family members as surprises!  

My grandchildren and 85 year old mother love to receive the chocolate bars that I send them so this time I am putting the candy bars in these decorated brown envelopes that I found at Hobby Lobby and I decorated them.

Moms...Grandma Cooper had hens, my favorite thing to do at her house was gather the eggs.  
Mom also loves the chocolate bars.  I sent one in her Valentines card and she told me she ate the candy bar before she read the card!  She is so funny!

Brandon's because he loves the super heroes.  He is my handsome blue eyed hero.  I did not think Brandon would want the fufu of flowers and ribbon so I stuck with Superman!  He loves the chocolate bars that I send him!   

Lexi turns 16 this week..now tell me where all those days went!  

Lexi 's ...she loved the sheep when we were on the farm!

Wyatt 's. Wyatt and I went fishing one day at the farm.  I think the only thing we caught was a sun burn but we spent time together.   Wyatt is at MU and studying hard...soon will be 20!  My grandchildren are the beautiful Rays of light in my life.  

The chocolate bar fits just right.
Do you love color?  I sure do.  When I ask Evan what his favorite color is, he always tells me, "I like em all." 

I may have to buy more chocolate bars so I can make more envelopes to send them in...

If you ever get a chance to watch Les Feldick teach on the Bible, sit down with a cup of tea and your Bible.  He explains it so well, and helps me to understand The Word.  He is preaching on Revelations right now.  I have always had so many questions about the tribulations.  Les is breaking it down for me.   I record his show because I often rewatch his shows.  

I hope you were blessed with a great day!  
God Bless

Saturday, February 28, 2015

Mixed Media Tags

I have been messing with tags for 3-4 years now.  I attached them to skeins of my home spun yarns.  I added as gift tags.  I just like making tags..another one of my quirks!  

It has been so stinking cold outside, I went to my studio and sat down to make the tiny paper flowers that Ang cut out for me on her silhouette  machine.  I have been watching YouTube on making mixed media tags so I gave it a try!


I enjoyed the process and like the results but something in me still loves the simple tag that has the job of identifying an object!
Ii got this on Facebook..I need to remind myself that God is in control and I should not worry...

Celebrating another year

Angie and Evan brought a cake for my 63rd birthday.  Evan loves to bake and decorate cakes...he lives to decorate cakes!  

Let the decorating begin!

A little blue food glitter here...looks so good that he just turned the whole bottle up and poured it out!  I tell you, he is very creative!

It is about done!
Taste delicious!

Light the candles!
And when papa and Evan and I blew out the candles, the blue glitter blew all over the place!  
Pretty good cake!  

Evan takes his dish washing very serious!
Neighbors, Dick ans Sue surprised me with flowers and Evan gave me a new farmers market bucket and this beautiful glass rooster..note we changed the table cloth!
Thank you Lord!  You have blessed me with another year!  
I have faith...I know Jesus died on the cross for me and after 3 days he was resurrected and walked on this earth.  He died for my sins and your sins so that we can have everlasting life!

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Surviving The Cold and Snow

Feb. 17, 2015  Tuesday   Hello Everyone,
How are you all?  I pray for you all daily that you will be 
blessed with good health, peace, joy, love, and prosperity.
I feel very blessed to have you as friends and family. I just had to tell you.

We have had snow and very cold temps...below zero!  I know many
of you have had some nasty stuff too, but we must remember,
Spring will be here soon...awwwww! walking around my flower beds and garden early in the morning with coffee cup in hand.
Sitting on the patio with Danny making plans for the day.
(I am having trouble imagining this scene, the snow coming down when I look out the window!)

With this cold, I have wanted to bake and cook, and clean.
I was craving a rich chocolate cake so I took a white cake mix..
I didn't have a chocolate cake mix...so I added a couple tablespoons of cocoa, a box of chocolate pudding mix, 2 eggs, some of the tiny dark chocolate chips, cup of coffee, 1/2 stick of butter....oh my, delicious!  
Then Danny wanted an angel food cake so I made one from scratch.  Made me think of Grandma, she made angel food cakes often but they are not my cup of tea.  Danny was very happy with it.  I also made a loaf of yougart lemon poppy seed bread..ummmmm! So many egg yolks so made homemade noodles, froze some and made chicken noodle soup.

I made an apron Sunday afternoon...like a smock and of course I had to move my studio around, Danny put up a new light and some more wood trim around the floor.  I moved the looms to the area in the back and my sewing machine up by my desk.  I also moved my art stainless steel desk up front and started organizing my art supplies that lead to going though pictures and that lead to some scrapbooking and framing some pictures that lead ...you getting the picture? do you think I might be ADHD?   I was so tired last night.  I also done our laundry and vacuumed the carpets...that is what I do on Mondays.  I always feel so good when I get a bunch done but it seems like I have a tendency to get sick or have my heart to become irregular!  I went to the Affordable Health Care Market place and I can get a better insurance plan for about the same price that I was paying with better coverage and my out of pocket and deductible is now low enough that I am not afraid that we would lose our home if I had a major illness...say what you want   about the affordable health care act but I have been just putting a bandaid on some of my health issues.

I feel so blessed.  God Bless Each of you.

Monday, February 2, 2015

Starting February out in white!

Snowed all day yesterday until early this morning about 15-16 inches.  Danny was up and at them in the 5 degrees cold snow blowing and shoveling.  They took out his PICC line that we have used to run his IV antibiotics for the last 6 weeks last Tuesday at Ann Arbor.  Due to restrictions he has been limited on what he could do...saying and I quote..." When this PICC is out I want a foot of snow and use my snow blower".  Well the big boy got his wish!  
The little birds came out of the big pine in the front yard...not happy.  The snow and winds flocked the beautiful pine but Danny is putting the finishing touches!

How was your Superball Sunday or Downtown Abbey Night?  The suspense was almost to much for this old gal!  God bless you all in your coming and going!