Saturday, September 27, 2014

Fun at Turkeyville, Mi

Such a beautiful day so we headed to Turkeyville, Mi.  We had a lovely day.  We had lunch and then went to the flee market and then to the playground and to visit the animals.  Evan did not want to leave but I think his mommy and daddy will be taking him back to ride the train on a day that it  is running.
I will add captions to the pictures tomorrow after I rest up and charge up my computer.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Wednesday Night Drive Through at Gilmores

Danny and I went shopping for groceries and supplies today.  It is fall now so we are buying more  getting ready for winter...oh gee...I hope we don't have another winter like last winter.  Many are predicting it will be a bad winter so we just want to get ready and be prepared.  

As I was putting away the last of the groceries  Danny and I heard some loud cars going by, hot rods...oh no, it is Wednesday night and Gilmores has a drive through.  Danny and I love to look at the old cars...the hotter they are the more we enjoy them. 

I would like to share some pictures of our evening...and it is the last Wednesday night drive through this year.

The old Diner was busy tonight.  The smell of hamburgers cooking, people sitting out at the picnic tables in the beautiful fall weather enjoying a meal together or eating an ice cream cone....that is what Danny and I decided to have tonight.
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The inside of the old diner...we sat in a booth to enjoy our ice cream.


A Camaro the same color as our 69.  My heart was beating and I had a homesick feeling when I saw this car.  It was not just like our car that we dated in and later drove until our family started growing but from a distance, I was hoping that it was it.  Isn't it funny what triggers so many memories?   Dating in 1969, going to the Browning bottom or west of Milan to drag race, it was fast and our lives were moving fast getting married, having our first baby, driving our sick little baby to Children's Mercy in my arms and coming home without her and then a year later having our son and bringing him home from the the car that I truly loved to get a larger car when we had our second baby.   Also a wee bit of me misses the days of my youth...CCR playing on the eight track, going fast and loving it.  44 yrs later, I seem to move at one speed and I look in the mirror and don't see the same person that I did back then.  But I think I could still put the old girl through the paces and get off the line and hold my breath until we reached the finish line...some things never change.

God bless you all.  I hope you had a wonderful day today.  I pray for this country, for my family and friends, and I give thanks for all the memories...God bless you all!


Holland Harbor

Tuesday was such a beautiful day.  Schools have started and during the week there is not as many tourist at the lakes.  Since we were close to Lake Michigan at Holland we decided to visit the Big Red Light House at Holland Harbor. 
The red light house at Holland Harbor

sail boat on Lake Michigan

Angie, Wayne and Evan walking out to see the Lake

Love to watch the sea gulls and they are so friendly especially if they think you will feed them.

Busy Tuesday

Danny and I went with Ang and Wayne to find a skidloader for the farm.  How do you shop for such an item???

You test drive it!

You walk around it and check it over

of course you look under the hood

and you play in the rocks while the adults talk prices, delivery, and etc

The weather is beautiful, sun is shining, leaves are starting to turn ....fall is here!
God bless you coming and going