Monday, August 6, 2012

I was up earlier than usual this morning.  I am taking my mother for a doctor's appointment and grocery shopping so the choring had to happen earlier this morning.

The sheep greeted me with lots of baas.  They were mixed up too...they thought that I should put feed in the feed pans...which happens in the evenings.  I think they are trying to tell me that the grass is no longer tasty.  They usually come busting out of the gate when I open it and head south to the big meadow to eat.  I can't blame them, brown and crunchy is not nearly as appetitizing as green and lush.

We went with the Almonds to the Wein Picnic yesterday.  Had a wonderful meal.  I was still so full at bedtime that I wondered if I was going to get to sleep.  Mary Carol and I did some shopping at the Country store and we got some handmade goodies.  I got a cute apron that is made from an old pair of denim jeans.  MC got two pairs of beautiful pillow cases, hand embroidered,  the prices were good too!  We both love bargins.

The Almonds have been showing their beautiful Oxford sheep and doing really well, Grand Champions.  I am excited that my Prissy gave birth to twins this year and her little ewe lamb has been taking some top awards.   Now I need to clarify that Prissy came from the Almonds, I raised her as a bottle lamb and then as she got older she got bigger and bigger and harder for me to handle not that she was unrulely but her size.  Sooooo I gaveI her back to the Almonds because she was a beautiful Oxford ewe that needed to have Oxford babies.    I am so glad that she was given the chance, her babies are beautiful.  So see, the only part I played in all of this is:  I got the chance to love and feed and be a substitue mom for a beautiful ewe lamb and then after a couple of years I let Prissy go back to where she belongs and have babies.  We plan to go to the State Fair to watch them show our  their sheep.

I also got Bonnie, the backbone of my breeding flock, from the Allmonds the same year.  Bonnie had the most beautiful wool.  She had longer and silkier wool and Prissy had more of a downy wool.  I kept Bonnie here and most of my sheep have Oxford breeding in their background.

I could talk sheep all day but I don't think I mother would appreciate me being late...Later Gator!

God bless and have a good day...please continue to pray for rain for the dry drought stricken areas.

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