Friday, December 23, 2011

One Day to Christmas in 2011

Are  you working on that last minute Christmas gift?

For years I would be up most of the night, finishing my wrapping on a just finished gift just before we walked out the door to go to a family Christmas gathering.   But this year, I am trying to recover from an upper respiratory infection and concentrating on just being healthy for the holidays.   I feel  better than I did 2 weeks ago and definitely don't want to go backwards so I am resting, eating healthy, trying to avoid stress and taking the doctor's advise and having a hot mulled wine each evening before bed. 

 1/2 cup per serving of wine heating with 1 stick of cinnamon and a few cloves, put the lid on the pan and let the flavors mingle.   Drink while warm just before bedtime...then relax and sleep a good 8 hours.

Listen to Soft and sweet Christmas music playing.
 Hot tea and fresh baked pumkin cookies at tea time in the afternoon.

Worshiping God, studying the Bible, and reading the story of Jesus.

I want to be relaxed like John.

Sit quietly in the cool crisp air and  Pet  my sweet fiber pet,  Isabel.

Watch Gerty eating hay

Admire the sweet and innocent Minnie

Watch old Mr. Gray pet his sheep. 

 Bible verse for today in my daily worship book.

 I hope you can slow down and cherish this special season....or do you feel like Tizzy looks?

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