Sunday, February 12, 2012

Up-cycling Old Spinning Wheel Parts

Danny found a box of old spinning wheel parts that he had planned to use as patterns to make a new spinning wheel on the lathe.  (We have been cleaning on his shop so he has room and organized to do some wood working.)  I had made the comment that I would like to have an electric spinner so that my hips and legs would not hurt.  AND...the next thing I know, I have 3 espinners.  He is enjoying making them and continues to tell me that he is perfecting the espinner.

This large espinner (aka.  Big Bertha) has fascinated us from the time we purchased this flyer.  We did not know what wheel that it originally was made for...any idea????  I wanted a wheel with the wide orifice so I could spin some of the designer yarns...tails, loops, bumps, etc.

This is what he came up with.  He has a button switch with a variable speed controller, I just set it and all my yarn is uniform and no foot petal....I SAID "NO FOOT PEDAL."

I can spin lots of wool fiber in a very short time.
Hehe...I spun wool from my largest ewe...Big Bertha on  my Big Bertha  espinner.

Thank you are the greatest.  He has ordered another used Ashford flyer and  another flyer and motor  so I see at least 2 more espinners in the future.  I think he enjoys making them and knowing him, he will start to refine them and eventually they will look like a beautiful piece of art.  Until then, I am spinning yarn and giving him feed back and watching for used flyers and spinning wheel parts.

A couple of girls at the school need to raise money for a school trip...their parents told them that they would need to earn some money for the rather expensive trip.  They got creative, got small and large ceramic tiles, added the wall paper with decoupage and then gave a good protective spray.  This is one of the 12x12 tiles and they also made sets of 4 coaster sets.  They are so cute and neatly finished...they had people buying multiple sets.

I think this will find a home in my fiber studio.  

God has blessed us so much and I pray He blesses you and yours in all your coming in and going out.


  1. Love your e-spinners! Way to go Danny! You are a lucky lady to have such a wonderful hubby.

  2. I am a very blessed wife. I am really cranking out the yarn.

  3. How do you reverse the motor to ply?


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