Handturned Bolt Action Pens for Sale



Fun High quality irresistible bolt action pen, a gift that will be hard for any hunting or target shooting gun enthusiast to put down.   This handcrafted pen would also be a great gift for a pen collector.
Completely Authentic.  Every detail, from the one of a  kind bolt action mechanism to the precision engineered components, designed to ensure uniqueness and reliability.  The realistic bolt-action handle smoothly advances and retracts to securely lock the refill in place.  Includes a bolt-action rifle clip and replica 30 caliber cartridge and rose gold tip for added authenticity  Barrels are turned from Cocobolo, Leopard wood, 
Oak, Walnut, Hard Maple, Coffee Bean and others...if you have a preference, just ask and we will try to make your wants a reality.

Danny turns the barrel out of exotic woods, selection varies.  

We turn these pens out of many different types of exotic woods.
They come in Chrome, Gun Metal, and 24 kt gold.
24 kt gold is slightly higher.
If you are shopping for a gift, please allow 2 weeks from time of order for delivery.  
Prices will vary depending on type of exotic wood and choice of metal. For enquiries please email  rocnbarc@cvalley.net 

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  1. Love the bolt-action pens. Would like to get one or more for my brother.


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