Saturday, October 10, 2015

Trip to Shipshewanna, Indiana

Evan loves to go to Shipshewanna.  He has had a difficult time starting school this fall...he only goes on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday afternoon, but he was afraid of the other kids and has a separation issue with his mama.  We shop at E&S, a bulk Amish store, to buy in bulk and restock our pantry before winter hits us again.  

You see E&S has 2 or 3 long aisles of candy...Evan loves it!  I on the other hand, was thrilled to find that E&S was celebrating their anniversary and had many great deals.  50#s of flour was $9.  50 #s of potatoes $8.49, big delicious apples 15.50 for a bushel.  They Fed us lunch too.  

I had already put most of the supplies we purchased before I thought about getting pictures.  The big red apples are huge!  We buy in bulk so the prices are cheaper.  You can get everything at this big store.   The russet potatoes are huge!  I store the potatoes in old wooden Apple crates from Angie's farm in my storage room downstairs.  It stays cool and dry and I have several shelves with my canning, all the paper products that we buy in bulk.  We also made a SAMs Club run and purchased instant potatoes..we really like them, coffee, flour..I didn't get the 50#s of flour, 10 is plenty.   We don't get out on the slick roads during the winter months and so we don't journey into the stores.  We will have potatoe soup if nothing else!

I pray you are blessed and your pantry is full with more than enough!

We are in 1Corinth With Through the Bible with Les Feldick.  Danny and I have our am coffee while watching his program every am.  We then listen to a lesson on our IPad at bedtime.  The Biooks of the Bible fit together from the very beginning in Genesis to the last book of Revelation.  I have learned so much!  

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