Sunday, September 27, 2015

Beautiful Sunny Sunday

I love Sunday's!  I have since I was a little girl.  My parents didn't go to church but I have always been blessed with wonderful relatives, neighbors, and friends to get me to church.  I liked dressing up and  loved the music...still do!  I loved going to Grandma Coopers for Sunday dinners after church.  

Leaves are turning colors and a few have dropped...I vacuumed up about 4 loads yesterday afternoon.      I am ready for fall.  We still have several chores to get done before winter.  

My beautiful granddaughter Miss Lexi!  She went to her first dance accompanied by a date!  

She was just a little baby girl a few days ago!  She always made my heart smile.

Danny and I started this morning as we do every morning not just Sunday.  Coffee made (I have crazy coffee...another blog) and we sat down to watch the Les Feldick program on the TV.  Then we turned to Dr. David Jerimiah and he was in the Book of Daniel. 
I have always wanted to understand the Bible and attempted to read it many times but I just could never understand it...I was in church every Sunday as a child and I think I have always believed in God.   In the last few years I have prayed for God to open up the Bible to me, to let me understand His Word and God is answering my prayers.  There has been so much that I was never taught or maybe I was not ready to know it.  It is like I am reading one of the best books that I have ever read, I can read it and when I reread the same verses I see things that I did not see before, this happens time and time again. 

Danny and I talk about what we have learned in our Bible studies and often listen to Les Feldick's lessons on the computer on Through The Bible web site.  After listening to Dr. David Jerimiah I went to you tube and watched Les on the Book of Daniel 

God bless each of you!

Left click and copy and then paste in the search bar to go to Les Feldick on YouTube...You will not regret it.

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