Saturday, June 23, 2012

Nana's Granddaughter Is Growing Up

My grand daughter, Lexi, is growing up.  When she was a baby we kept her many week ends when her  Mom and  Dad were working.   She roamed this farm, played with the animals, played in the how she stayed so busy.  She loved the sheep and loved to climb on the hay.  Then they moved from Kansas City to Nebraska and the visits got farther and farther apart.
Lexi loves her little brother, Brandon.  

I loved to take pictures of her.  When she was little, she would pose and tell  me to take a picture and I would.  Then she got bored with that and it became a game to make sad faces or sticking her tongue out so the happy days of taking pictures got to be trying times.  In the picture above I had made her sweater and had knitted and felted some new hats and wanted a good picture....see those eyes?

Isn't she a cutie?  

New glasses!  She is thirteen now...a teenager....what happened to my tiny baby ?  Where is the little girl that would  turn boards over to find her roly poly bugs and pack them around in her hand or climbed on the big bales of hay and played with the sheep.  She would stand at the fence and talk to the baby calves and they would stand there and let her  talk to them.
Lexi loves science, plays the cello, plays basketball.  She is a very smart young lady.
Papa and I plan to go for a visit this summer and visit our favorite, one and only grand daughter.

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  1. They do have a way of growing up don't they? All of a sudden we say - "now when did that happen?" She is indeed a beautiful girl and one after my own heart - I too played the cello as a kid until I got to HS and we no longer had an orchestra, just band. Love her hats - did you make them? So glad you will get to go and see them this summer.


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