Sunday, November 27, 2011

Knitting and Felting Hats from Spinning C Fiber

I was browsing the web looking for a Kimono Wrap pattern and found my new pattern on   I also found a cute cloche hat pattern.
I emailed Glenfiddich and received an email from Barbara in no time.    I had my pattern in less than a week.
I then got into my handspun yarn stash, knitted and felted 3 hats in one week.
This hat will go to my youngest daughter, Lisa.

This hat is Angie's.  She just got a new gray coat and her husband purchased mittens from a lady that works with him that makes mittens from felted sweaters and lines them with fleece and they were gray too.  The lady sells her mittens and the money goes to a charity.
I used gray and black yarn to knit this hat.

This hat was knit from the yarn of my moorit shetland ewe, Tizzy.  

My son in law, Wayne gave me the beautiful perfume bottle and my mother gave me the cup and saucer.  I receive such pleasure looking at both.

Lisa's hat.  I knitted 2 strands of worsted weight yarns from two different sheep.  One  strand  was from  Dotty, a  Border Liecester/shetland cross ewe and the other from a corriedale cross ewe.  

I can knit this hat in one evening and wash and felt it the next evening.   I think this is a very cute and warm cloche hat.

Time to get the hats packed up into boxes to go to Nebraska and Michigan.


  1. What beautiful hats you make Sarita. I have wanted to try my hand at it but haven't taken the plunge yet. I am still working on socks from my first hand painted hand spun sock yarn. Your girls are so lucky to have such a talented Mom. Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Many blessings to you and your family.

  2. Oh I love how the hats turned out! Both are just beautiful!

  3. Thank you for your lovely comments. This pattern is so easy and I love to knit and felt, never quite know what you will get but for the most turns out.
    Sheri, isn't hand painting your own yarn fun, can't wait to see your socks. I need to get busy and make some socks.

  4. The hats are incredible and you can see the love and passion you placed in each one. Sorry it has been a while - had trouble getting to leave comments but I think it is all fixed. Hope you and yours had a great Thanksgiving - mine was more then stressful but ended in a miracle.

  5. OOOOOOooooo... I love my hat Mom! Can't wait to get my box in the mail! Thanks in advance! I love you!


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