Sunday, January 17, 2010

Foggy Football Sunday

Feeding time! There is always one that has no manners while eating.
I can't sneak up on the sheep in the fog...Lady and Sadie coming to check me out.
Here Lambie! Here Lamby! Come on, time to eat! Watch'em come running!
The last few days have been so foggy. Temps at 33-38 degrees. Perfect day to worship God, eat a big meal and watch the football playoffs. This is the 3rd time that I have been out with the sheep today. I get up early and turn them out into the big pasture, go out to feed the hay, and then back to get them in the barn lot for the night. I love to watch them and pet them. Most are pets and like me to pat and play with their wool....I am really admiring my wool. I like to feed Brome hay, it doesn't get as much VM in the wool.
I am a happy football fan, Brett and the Vikings won today. I am so happy that we can record on the Dish and come back and watch it. I am not one that can sit for a whole game, no matter how exciting.
I have a new wool rug started upstairs so I think I will go up and put on my blue grass music, old hymns and relax and weave alittle.
The new medal ball winder arrived and I think it is really nice but right now it is turning hard and the balls are really tight. Hope it loosens up some.
I am still working on my studio. Finding a nice comfy, neat, orderly place to work that inspires me is my goal.
Do you have a fiber studio, please share some pictures with me.

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