Saturday, October 31, 2015

Catch up post

The weather has been chilly and rainy most of the week.  I have been sewing and painting to make a few handbags.
I have spent a couple of weeks on this one.  It took for ever for the oil paint to dry so I could start sewing.
I put on feet!  
Lined with pockets!
My next project is ready to start stitching!  I will show you the results when I am finished.

This week being Halloween I have been seeing some older pictures of my grandchildren and one in particular has a sewing project.

Wyatt asked me to make him a Halloween costume.  He stood beside me one Saturday night as I sewed up this clown suit.  He leaned against me a little harder as I stitched and pulled the Ruffles.  He asked me what time it was.  I told him after midnight.  He told me that his mom and dad had never let him stay up that late before.  He was very tired when I had him try it on.  I had him sit on the bench with the pumpkin and snapped this shot, poor baby was so sleepy!  But he was very happy with his clown suit.
I also got this sweet shot!  He has always melted my heart and still does!  His daddy melts my heart when he gives me his sweet smile too.

Lexi, was going to a party dressed as a pirate...too cute!
My handsome Brandon, face timed me to show me his costume...he is so cute!
Brandon giving me the full effect of his costume!
Evan....this duck and his mommy came over to treat or treat.  So cute!
The backside!
The only grandchild that I did not hear from tonight was the oldest, Wyatt but I have some sweet memories of him back in his earlier years.  I bet he was out and about...junior in college...I can not believe it!  

I am so blessed and I pray you are too!

Bible study continues daily.  We watch Through The Bible with Les Feldick on Tv every morning and I often sit down for a tea break and watch him on or on you tube. I watched part 1 and 2 of his day seminar in Tulsa OK on you tube.  He explains and uses scriptures to back up what is happening in the Middle East today!   I have prayed long and hard for God to help me understand the Bible and my prayers have been answered...the Bible is the most fascinating book that I have had read!

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