Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Putting the flower beds to bed for the winter

Most of last week was spent cleaning out flower beds, vacuuming leaves in the yard, and mulching the flower beds.  Temps fell in the low thirties over the week end.
Steiner helped me put a few inches of mulch around my heuchera.
The leaves are turning but dropping fast.  Danny and I have been vacuuming up the pine needles for mulch and we mix in some of the chopped maple leaves.  
I have several mum plants and blanket flowers still blooming.

I must love red, it is everywhere!
This long bed is mulched and ready for winter.  I have a few plants that are in full bloom...mums, stonecrop, browned eyed Susan's.  I had a red hot poker blooming as well as little violas.  I also soaked the beds good before mulching.  Our ground is very dry.o
The new bed is looking so good!
Sweet Tea heucherella...changing colors weekly.

I like cocoa bean hull mulch but of course I could not get anymore this fall.  Pine needles are cheaper under the trees in the back yard but I will need to watch and test my soil next Spring.  They are high in acid.

I ask you to pray for my youngest daughter tomorrow.  She is having surgery.  

I pray for this country.  I praise God for the many blessings that we enjoy daily.  I pray that you know Jesus Christ and believe that He died for us on the cross and was resurrected and will return soon to rule this world.  
We continue to study our Bible with Les Feldick.
God bless!

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