Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Surviving The Cold and Snow

Feb. 17, 2015  Tuesday   Hello Everyone,
How are you all?  I pray for you all daily that you will be 
blessed with good health, peace, joy, love, and prosperity.
I feel very blessed to have you as friends and family. I just had to tell you.

We have had snow and very cold temps...below zero!  I know many
of you have had some nasty stuff too, but we must remember,
Spring will be here soon...awwwww! walking around my flower beds and garden early in the morning with coffee cup in hand.
Sitting on the patio with Danny making plans for the day.
(I am having trouble imagining this scene, the snow coming down when I look out the window!)

With this cold, I have wanted to bake and cook, and clean.
I was craving a rich chocolate cake so I took a white cake mix..
I didn't have a chocolate cake mix...so I added a couple tablespoons of cocoa, a box of chocolate pudding mix, 2 eggs, some of the tiny dark chocolate chips, cup of coffee, 1/2 stick of butter....oh my, delicious!  
Then Danny wanted an angel food cake so I made one from scratch.  Made me think of Grandma, she made angel food cakes often but they are not my cup of tea.  Danny was very happy with it.  I also made a loaf of yougart lemon poppy seed bread..ummmmm! So many egg yolks so made homemade noodles, froze some and made chicken noodle soup.

I made an apron Sunday afternoon...like a smock and of course I had to move my studio around, Danny put up a new light and some more wood trim around the floor.  I moved the looms to the area in the back and my sewing machine up by my desk.  I also moved my art stainless steel desk up front and started organizing my art supplies that lead to going though pictures and that lead to some scrapbooking and framing some pictures that lead ...you getting the picture? do you think I might be ADHD?   I was so tired last night.  I also done our laundry and vacuumed the carpets...that is what I do on Mondays.  I always feel so good when I get a bunch done but it seems like I have a tendency to get sick or have my heart to become irregular!  I went to the Affordable Health Care Market place and I can get a better insurance plan for about the same price that I was paying with better coverage and my out of pocket and deductible is now low enough that I am not afraid that we would lose our home if I had a major illness...say what you want   about the affordable health care act but I have been just putting a bandaid on some of my health issues.

I feel so blessed.  God Bless Each of you.

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  1. Looks like you have been keeping yourself busy. I have been trying to do the same to fight off the winter blues. I am tired of below zero temps!!


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