Monday, February 2, 2015

Starting February out in white!

Snowed all day yesterday until early this morning about 15-16 inches.  Danny was up and at them in the 5 degrees cold snow blowing and shoveling.  They took out his PICC line that we have used to run his IV antibiotics for the last 6 weeks last Tuesday at Ann Arbor.  Due to restrictions he has been limited on what he could do...saying and I quote..." When this PICC is out I want a foot of snow and use my snow blower".  Well the big boy got his wish!  
The little birds came out of the big pine in the front yard...not happy.  The snow and winds flocked the beautiful pine but Danny is putting the finishing touches!

How was your Superball Sunday or Downtown Abbey Night?  The suspense was almost to much for this old gal!  God bless you all in your coming and going!

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