Monday, January 13, 2014

On the back side of Ion Storm last week...

Our bird friends stopped by for a few seeds during the sub 0 temps and snow last week.

Our back yard was a beautiful scene...but I am ready to see the flowers and green grass.

I know we got over a foot of snow last week.  Danny removed snow from the roof on Friday before the predicted rain to prevent the roof from having too much weight on it.  

Sunday morning we had 10 squirrels at our feeders  

We have enjoyed a warm up the last 4 days, snow is melting and we had some rain.  Many were on the lake fishing Sunday afternoon.

This last week reminded me of the storm we had in Missouri last February, you can see pictures in my older post of Rocky packed a punch.

We got in more supplies yesterday, getting ready for the next snow that was reported to come with rain on Monday.  ....But we had a nice day in the low 40s without snow or rain....but we always have tomorrow!
Cleaning, knitting, and baking...staying busy.  My days of retired life seem to fly by.
God bless friends and family!

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  1. Beautiful photos. We are finally thawed out from our last "arctic blast" but cold weather is ahead again.


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