Sunday, June 29, 2014

My studio is almost done

We have been so busy.  We spent most of the Spring working on the basement putting in new flooring and painting the walls.  My studio is ready to go, just some more organization and closet doors put up. 
At the bottom of the stairs.

This is the old stove that had set on white rocks and encircled with a a metal strip.  We carried out the rocks and took out the strip and put down new flooring, and we were going to take out the wood stove but it is so heavy that we decided it will be decoration...

This is my desk in my studio room.  We put down new wood flooring, added new shelves and a new white cabinet.  Still hanging some of my pictures.

Some of my yarn stash and my sewing area.

Scraping area and drawing area.

The unfinished area in progress

Yarn stash

Project in progress...antique rocker that is waiting for me to upholster the seat.

in the basement kitchen I papered the walls and hung some new border.  One of the shelves and blue jars.

More later on the studio...after all I have to share garden, flowers and family blogs because I am so far behind.

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  1. You are so lucky to have that space. Awesome!


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