Friday, January 3, 2014

My Squirrel Friends Showed Up for Breakfast

It is 12 degrees below zero this morning here at Fine View Acres.  The Sun is shining...whahooooo!  It is warming up slowly and no snow last night!

I got up to find my squirrel friends eating at the feeders...I love to watch them eat, play, and burro under the snow to find something to eat.

A little black squirrel has been under the snow to tunnel in the feeder.

We have had 3 gray squirrels at the feeder at one time and up to 5 black squirrels here.

But this is one of my favorites...look at Miss Fancy's tail...the tip is white.

The Blue Jays made it for breakfast too!    There is 3 of them gobbling down the seeds.  They actually make the squirrels leave.  Mean but so pretty!

Thanks for stopping by but if you want any breakfast have to get here before the other squirrels and birds....God Bless you all day long!

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  1. What a lovely series of photos and how nice to be able to celebrate nature so closely. Happy New Year and God bless you. Greetings from Montreal, Canada.


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