Monday, November 18, 2013

Fall is Fading Fast

We drove to Allegan to Baker Allegan Studio last week.  We had to cross over the old one way iron bridge to get to the is very scenic.  We really enjoyed our visit to the studio.  So many talented artist sell their creations there.
The leaves have been falling fast.  What hasn't fell probably got ripped off the trees last night during the high winds.

We have had a couple of light snows that gave us a dusting.  Fine Lake is so beautiful in the summer, in the fall, and now it is showing me a thing or two in the late fall.

The Cardinals sit in the pine tree right out my kitchen window.  I have to stop cutting up the apples to get a few shots.  He seems to be posing for me.  

The little chipmonk hangs around my bird feeders.  His little cheeks burge as he strips an ear of corn.  I find him to be so adorable.

He sits on the front step and suns and grooms himself after packing a load of corn back to his place.

My oldest brother Steve had a heart attack while helping a friend in Colorado cut wood.  He died a sudden death at a place he loved with a couple of friends.  I think he would have wanted to go the way he did.  His wishes to be cremated and his ashes to be spread in those same mountains in Colorado is being honored by his wife Sandy and sons.
Steve loved going full tilt at whatever he he enjoyed life!
I have had a rough time wrapping my mind around that he is gone this last week.  I have stayed busy with my 2 yr old grandson and putting my flower beds to bed for the winter.  Danny has went over the lawn a couple of times with his leaf vacuum and the neighbor tilled the leaves into my garden.   I planted  some new bulbs in the flower beds.
Danny and Angie started pulling some old trees and mowing an area that we can put out some new trees and plant a truck patch next Spring.
I have worked on my studio in the basement this week too.  I am warping my Toika tapestry loom.   The floor loom is just waiting patiently for me to get the tie up and warping done there.  It will have to wait, I hit my wall, no energy, aching , and having the flu like symptoms...I will rest a few days and then plan to make the trip to Missouri for Steve's memorial service.
My heart has been heavy with so many people left homeless from the many storms that have hit the Philippians and now nearby in Indiana and Illinois.  So many people without power and the temps dropping.   I can still hear the wind howl outside and unable to sleep.  Please pray with me.

Photo: Hot off the needles---> grey ribbon flowers with black vines on brown & black felt:
I received my hat pattern from Carrie, I am knitting it now and hopefully after I full it that I can decorate my half as cute as Carrie does her hats.  I got my in all gray and I bet it will be warm for this winter.


  1. I am so very sorry for your loss, my heart goes out to you.

  2. I'm so sorry for your loss. And yes, we are praying for you, and for those who have lost homes (and lives) in the recent storms. We had several homes in our area, along with a church taken by confirmed tornadoes.

  3. Thank you Anke and Kristina. As we drove to Mo. over the week end, we saw some of the damage in Ill. Very Sad!


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