Monday, October 28, 2013

Celebrating October and the Fall Harvest

I have and will never associate evil and death and scary as part of Halloween.     To me Halloween has been a fun time to dress up in a costume, the end of fall, a celebration of fall and harvest.  A time to give children treats.  A time of family and community. Hayrides and wiener roast.   A time to popcorn, cut pumpkins into works of art, carmel apples...and the wonderful changing of seasons.
I guess you can see...I don't celebrate evil, witches, and etc...

Two things that are very plentiful for us...leaves of all colors and apples so I made an apple pie decorated with leaves...the kitchen was filled with the warm cozy feeling of apple and cinnamon!  Yummmm!  Did not taste bad either!

Lexi, my beautiful granddaughter with the orange sweatshirt and the gorgeous smile...she has always been a light in my life.   Looks like she was having fun at the ballgame.  She sure warms my heart!

I love the art work on old postcards.

God bless you and keep you.  I pray you have a blessed fall with a bountiful harvest!

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