Sunday, September 22, 2013

Preparing for First Frost of the Fall

Today was cool and cloudy, in the 50's and there is weather advisory that we have a chance for scattered frost tonight.
I went out to my small herb garden right off the patio and cut some herbs to dry for this winter use.

Herb Garden

Sage and tyme...I will use the sage in my Thanksgiving dressing.

I always keep the pot tags so when I harvest the herbs so I will know what I have  .

Just thought this was pretty.

I usually tie the herbs in small bundles to hang to dry but I have to get my tags, cord, etc so I threw the herbs in bundles in this paper sack for the time being until I have time to sit down.

I canned a 5 gal bucket of tomatoes on Friday and I kept these tomatoes out for slicing tomatoes and I had carried all the other quart jars of juice and tomatoes to the basement pantry but I had left the two pints to put in the up stairs pantry...all out of our garden.  It seems like I have been canning since we moved in.  I froze strawberries out of the patch, then apricots from Angie's house, black raspberries from our patch and wild ones from Angie's.  Then the apricot tree at Angie's was loaded so I canned and froze several quarts.  Our neighbor has given us apples and produce from his garden too.  I know I don't have to can but I have always gotten satisfaction in preserving what the Good Lord has provided for us.  We are very blessed.

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