Wednesday, September 25, 2013

A Beautiful Day at Southern Exposure Farm

My new neighbor, Sue, invited me to go with her to a Garden Club affair.  I am enjoying all the beautiful plants and trees in Michigan so at 7:30 this morning we left for Southern Exposure Farm about 30 minutes from our homes.  I had no idea what a wonderful experience I was going to enjoy today!

My pictures do not even start to do this wonderful farm justice...please go to their web site and check them out.

We went into the tent where the meeting took place.

This is my beautiful new neighbor, Sue.  

We started the day out with a cherry turnover, cheese, apples, blackberries, and other beautiful fruit, wonderful coffee or tea.  The place setting each had a bag of lavender and a small pumkin.
I have not officially joined the garden club yet but I enjoyed the company of many wonderful people with the common denominator of gardening and sharing their ideas.  

The charming gift shop  was just beautiful.  When the meeting let out to go to the venders tent and the gift shop, the shoppers filled the isles and it was very difficult to see all the fantastic goodies.

Tablescape in one of the other buildings.  

Fall leaves, pumpkins set the mood for the fall.  

Plants everywhere.   I could have wandered the paths all day.  But it is time to go back for lunch. 

I have never had such a nice dining experience as I had today .  Chicken salad on greens, hoe cake with herb butter and side of  melon, strawberry, star fruit and blueberries.  A beautiful piece of decadent Chocolate cake with a cup of hot coffee for desert.  Everyone was in awe at the beautiful plate of food.  

Herbs with a small coral rose was on our plate.  Lovely.  Of course I came home with mine and hung it up in my kitchen to dry.

The leaves are turning fall colors and the garden was beautiful.  The sun was shining and the temp was just right.  We toured the different buildings.  Each were furnished with antiques, decorated with plants...I was in heaven!

This old chevy took my eye.  It is a year younger than me
the pictures below are of my wanderings on the grounds and buildings of Southern Exposure Farm.
If you ever get a chance, you won't be disappointed at Southern Exposure Farm.

Thanks for stopping by.  I wish you all could have spent the day with me.  Thank you Sue for inviting me.
                                                                 God Bless

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