Thursday, August 29, 2013

Fall is Near

We have went through a hot spell here on the Fine Lake Peak.  The beautiful flower beds are dying back now.  We still have some flowers and trees blooming in late summer but many have been trimmed back.  I am excited to see all the beautiful trees in their new fall colors.

We have gotten rains so the grass is green and pretty, unlike our friends and family in Missouri.  We hear that they have not gotten a rain since before July 4th and temps in the upper 90s to 100.  Some have talked about feeding hay to their livestock.  I pray for them.

I have been doing an inventory of the many flowers and trees that we have in our yard.  The flower beds were lovely in the early Spring and Summer but we don't have much color in them now.  I plan to plant some flowers that will bloom later as well as the earlier bloomers.

I have one purple flower in the front of the house that I had no idea what it was.  This week after much research I found out it is Marrow.

This plant has been blooming all season.  Some plants have went to seed and I have pulled them but new plants sprout up  constantaly.

This plant came up in my rocks and I didn't pull it, wanting to see what it would do.  The roots get very long on the Marrow plant.

The Brown eyed Susans grow around the old split rail fences.

I have planted two golden mums in with the herbs and white blooming plant in the back.  It is very showy in person.  I have lavendar growing and blooming in this planter...something I have tried to grow many times with no success.
God Bless... more later...I am storing up the pics for the long winter months.

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