Monday, May 6, 2013

Looking Forward to a Normal Life Again

I would like to thank everyone that sent me well wishes and prayers...I am feeling better, I just wear out easily at times.
I have been super busy finding new homes for my flock and my two big white dogs.  I know I did not find their homes but my prayers were answered.  God is Great and Good!  All the sheep have went to new homes, cows and calves have went to my brother' do you get homesick living in the same house?  I look outside and I do not have the sheep or lambs to watch...the silence the first few days made me feel so hollow and lost, things are gradually getting better now.  I am sleeping all night again, my pains in my gut are better,  I have prayed for years for God to lead me and guide me...He is and now I need to just follow and let Him have controll.

I went to visit Sadie and Lady tonight at their new home and they are with 8 sheep from their flock here and seemed like they have lived there forever.  My heart is happy!  We have met so many wonderful people since this move has started.

Our oldest grandson is graduating high school this month and then getting ready to go off to college.

We are moving to Michigan and due to my health, I am retiring.  I plan to spend more time on my photography, spinning, weaving, knitting, being Susie homemaker, and enjoying gardening.  Life is so full!

I plan to take you on this journey with me through the blog...just bear with me until we get settled in.

Wyatt with his proud parents after the Grand March at the Prom.

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