Sunday, April 7, 2013

Lambs, Lambs, and more lambs

Leaha had twins.  The black ram lamb is bigger than the smaller white ewe.
The sire is Xray, Please go to Somerhill Farm Blog site at
to see the explanation of the ram's lineage.

Lovey, a cross had a set of twins too.  The black ram is about the same size as the white ewe lamb.

Leaha lets the big boy suck.

Lovey's boy has a mask...he is our of Logan.

Lovey and her babies.  She had her babies and in the barn Leaha is having her babies.
Lovey is for sale...$100 for ewe and her twin lambs.

Tizzy had twins too about  4 am this morning.  She also had a ram and a ewe.

42 had a little ewe this last week but she already thinks she owns the place.
I have this ewe and lamb for sale...$85


  1. Nice looking lambs, Sarita! I am sure this is a bittersweet time for you but so happy your LGD's and rams found good homes and surely the ewes and lambs will follow because it's meant to be that you are moving closer to your daughter and get to retire on a lake. Lucky girl. Hopefully you will have many fleeces to take along with you to Michigan and you can wash, spin, weave for many happy days to come. Hugs to you.

  2. What a unique little guy! He's so cool! Just really stopped by to tell you I love you!


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