Monday, July 1, 2013

Recouping from the move

The last three months or maybe it was 6 months,,,who knows...has been rough.  Shearing, Lambing, to selling the farm, finding a house, moving, many trips between Missouri and Michigan.  I am worn smooth and still not completely unpacked.
Our new home sits on 2 lots that is about 1  1/2 acre.  The previous owner loved her flowers and garden and the neighbors said that they lived out in the yard.  I have added a few perennials in spots.  As we were moving the strawberries were ripening so I was making freezer jam too.  Today I started picking the black raspberries and got over 2 qts.  I froze a few and made a pie with the other.   

Our house sits on a hill above the lake, the people around the lake say we live on the peak, which is funny to me...we just live up on the hill.  Angie took this picture one evening as the sun was going down.

The poppies were blooming in early June in the west flower bed.
I will try to get more pictures as time goes along.
I feel very blessed to have my new home and I am excited about the journey that I am on.

I will have my studio in the basement next to the family room as soon as I can get down there and  set up the looms and get my wool processing equipment set up.

I hope to go see local sites and take pictures and take you with me as I discover the land of Michigan...roads lined with beautiful green trees, friendly people, nice neighbors, and many places to see and things to do.
God bless you all!


  1. Looks like a beautiful place to call home!

  2. Beautiful House and on a lake? Wonderful!!
    Glad to see you are getting settled :)

  3. Wow! It seems like the place you've moved in is heaven. It's full of flowers and greeneries. You're lucky to have transferred to this magnificent place. Hope you've adjusted by now. Cheers, my friend! :)


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