Thursday, April 4, 2013

Registered BFL Rams for sale

Logan, Registered BFL Ram  for sale  $300, He is a sweety
Logan has a very sweet disposition.
Logan is sold to a good home.

Liam getting a talking to...he got his wool dirty.  Liam also has a very sweet disposition.  Easy to handle and a very easy keeeper.  He loves to have his neck and under his chin scratched.  He throws beautiful lambs.  Liam has a very soft, curly wool.  The yarn is so  soft.
Liam is sold to a good home

Leah, a registered BFL ewe, looks like she is going to have her babies any minute now but she is  waiting.. She was bred by  Xray.  
UPDATE:  April 7th, Leah had a set of twins.  A big black ram lamb and a white ewe lamb. The sire is Xray from the Somerhill Farm in Ohio.  

Sadie is following Lady because Lady took off with a plastic pop bottle that was a baby lamb bottle.  Lady is acting very smug about getting the bottle.  Both girls love to play with a plastic pop bottle.  They chew and toss them.  I sometimes wonder where they are finding them.  I pick up a plastic bottle at least once a week.  They even bury them and then dig the bottle back up to play and chew.

While it is warm Saturday, I plan on taking pictures of the new babies and get more sheep pictures.
I advertised my rams on Craigslist today.  It is going to be so hard to say good by to the flock.
If anyone knows of a good home for Lady and Sadie...they need a flock to watch over.   They love to work.  They stay with the sheep and are great protectors.  They are 3 years old.  Not pets or lap dogs.  They love on me but it will take time to warm up to new owners.  They have always been kept in the sheep pasture or barn with their sheep so they will not make good yard dogs.

Another great update:  I joyfully report that the Lord has answered my prayers and Sadie and Lady are going to a great new home with a few of the ewes and lambs.  The Lord is so good and answers prayers.

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