Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Things are changing

Life is changing for us here on the Coffman Spinning C.  I am down for the count today.  Sitting in my recliner.  Danny is doing the foot work today and I can sit in my recliner with feet up and type on the computer...hope I can be on my feet tomorrow and going full tilt.

We are contemplating selling the farm.  We have so many mixed feelings.  Many prayers have been said and we are asking for God's Almighty Wisdom in helping us to decide.  No matter what, I know that I have to sell the animals.  I am having troubles mustering up the energy to make it to the barn for lambing.  I am very thankful that (maybe) we have seen the last of the very cold temps.

Thanks to my husband, I have a few pictures of the flock to share with you.  I hope we have a good buyer that wants to take my girls and guys home with them and give them good care.

The quest to own a spinners flock and develop a line of breeding has been a challenge at times.  Starting my flock with two little shetland ewes that I purchased at the Missouri Colored Sheep and Wool Sale at Sedalia Missouri.  Then buying Oxfords from the Almonds that raise Registered Oxfords.  I purchased 2 of their registered ewes, one had a downy type wool and the other had a soft silky curls type of wool, that was my Bonnie.  I ended up sending Prissy back to Almonds and only keeping Bonnie.  Many of my flock are decedents of Bonnie.  The Almond's Oxfords have taken awards at many shows including the Missouri State Fair and Naile.  Prissy's daughter was taking Champion Ewe or reserved Grand Champion Ewe last year.

The flock was released into the South pasture today, they act like they are glad to see the tiny sprigs of green grass.

Liam, Registered BFL Ram.

Next came getting the right rams to cross with my flock.  White Knight, our BL ram has buttery soft locks that I love to spin and he passed it on to his off spring.  Then we purchased Liam,  Registered BFL, to breed the new generation of BL/Oxford crosses.  Then last year we purchased Logan, Registered BFL to breed the newest generation of ewes.  We have the big heavy bodies of the Oxford with the BFL and I love the soft long curley wool that we are getting from this group.  I also purchased 2 BFL ewes last fall that was bred to Xray.

Evie is now a bottle baby.  Her mother just will not take care of her.

Great granddaughter to Oxford Bonnie  had this new baby on Sunday night.  Sire is Logan.

Lady watches over her babies.  Evie follows her around the pasture.

All the ewes look like they could burst.  Due anytime.  We are on constant watch.

Baby did not get up to follow mom so Lady is nugging her along to follow her mother.

the girls wintered really well.  We worried about the quality that our hay would be.

Registered BFL ewe, heavy with lamb but probably lambs.  

Number 10 and her little ewe lamb.

Registered BFL ewe, due to lamb anytime....but I thought that 2 days ago.
I have two ways to go...I can drag my feet all the way about this selling the farm or I can look at this as a new adventure and enjoy the ride....I think the latter way is the best way.  Now I need to sell my sheep to another shepard and turn over the shepard's hook to someone that is ready for the challenge.  I have enjoyed  being the shepard of the Spinning C!  Fiber will always be part of me but I am going to have more time to create and enjoy the spinning and weaving.


  1. Sorry to hear. We are in the same boat but because prices of farmer here are going at sky high prices. Dearest thinks we can get double what we paid for it. I on the other hand am the opposite since I do pretty well all the farming am dragging my feet.

  2. I know that cross roads - I send Love, Light and Peace of Mind that all will be for your higher good. For those of us who love what we do but have worked for long and hard it is almost impossible to think of us doing any thing else. Love You and God will walk with you

  3. I feel for you and the decision you have before you. If I didn't live so far away I would buy some of your babies as I know they are well loved. My prayers are with you and I know our Lord will guide and comfort you!

  4. Thank you for your kind words. I pray that I can find a person that will love my flock like I do, I also want my big white girls to go with their flock...I will continue for a kind hearted person to be sent to me to fill the position. I am getting excited to find a new home and see all the sites of Michigan.


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