Sunday, February 24, 2013

Winter Storms, to clean or to fiber play????

Last Thursday and Friday gave us a winter storm.  The winds howled and the snow came down, visibility was almost nel!  I was very happy that we had fed the animals enough for a few days and all was in the barn or sheltered.
I cleaned house and the fiber studio...and I still have lots to do...but at least it looks better.
I  carded and spun wool every evening.  I knitted on a pair of socks and I am down to the toe on the second sock...they are so thick and warm.   I also made some wool dryer balls.  I use the wool that I would toss after combing the fiber for the center, then I use wool roving to wrap around the center fiber and  I wrap the ball with left over wool yarn.  I wet the ball and soap it down with my hands to start the felting process.  I put the balls in a panty hose before I throw them in with a load of laundry and then toss them into the dryer.  I will throw the new wool balls in the dryer when drying clothes to prevent wrinkles and cut back on the drying time.  I will also use less fabric softner.
I am playing while I can...lambing and calving season starts the middle of March...we shear in March....things get really busy here on the Coffman Spinning C.

I rearranged my knitting needle and blue fruit jar collection.

Making a ball out of the yarn that I carded, blended and  spun this weekend.
Now it is time to make some precious baby booties or socks.

I also cleaned out Grandma's old kitchen cabinet and put some of my hand spun yarns  in it.
I think Grandma would have loved me using her cabinet to hold my yarns.  She enjoyed sewing, crocheting, and  cooking.  

I continue to have this pattern ready to make my summer aprons.    Oh, so many things to get done!

A soft ball of pale yellow yarn ready to make baby booties and hats.

I blended some of my softest Spinner C fiber from a BFL cross ewe with some beautiful yellow silk from BMH  and Alpaca and CVM roving from Frontier Fiber Farm to make this soft yellow yarn.  I spun this yarn just for the new baby that Angie is expecting.  I have not picked out the pattern yet.  

I need to finish this beaded scarf.

As I work in my studio, I love to be surrounded by things that make me smile.  I am so blessed .  God is so Great!  

My studio had gotten so full that I felt over whelmed to work up there.  I feel better now!  We are looking at another storm moving in on Monday night if the path of it does not change.  We will work hard again tomorrow evening when I get home from school to have all the animals fed and ready for another storm.  We try to have hay in different areas in case we get tall drifts or heavy rains with muddy lots.

We listened to Dr. David Jeremiah this morning.  He talked on finding happiness on this earth.  He preached on the book of Ecclesiastes.  I decided that I will study this book again.  I have always liked to study Ecclesiastes and Proverbs.  Do you pray that God will give you wisdom before you start your Bible study?

We also listened to Dr. Charles Stanley.  I enjoy his Bible studies.  Both of these men preach the Bible.

I have to tell you, I made steel cut oats this morning.  I added maple syrup, a little cinnamon, chopped apples, and roasted walnuts when it was ready to serve....delicious!  Very filling too!

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  1. Sounds like you have spring fever despite the blizzard outside.I feel the same way. I loved looking through your studio. Well organized and pretty projects.


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