Friday, March 1, 2013

Rocky Packed A Punch

Danny and Einstein reading the shopper, kicked back and enjoying the snow day. 

Snow started falling on Tuesday...No School...again on Wednesday....less snow on Thursday but most of the side roads are full  of snow.    Friday, no school...but it has taken 3 hours to do the chores....I am tired trying to walk through the snow up to my behinny.  I was very happy that Danny parked the pick up down by the road, just had to dig out a few feet.

Hay is stacked to the roof inside this shed but there is a drift at less 4 feet deep in front and out back.  Tomorrow we will move the snow to feed hay from this shed.

Thursday I cleared the sidewalk while Danny went grocery shopping at Kirksville.   He  went to Aldis, HyVee, and Walmart.  We can now make it through another storm if it decides to hit us next week.  Can you believe it, we have another chance for snow next Monday.

This picture was taken on Tuesday.  The wind blew and the snow was falling and drifting.

I enjoyed the snow and being isolated from the outside world, just Danny and me.  I guess you could say that I am a  stay at home person.    I have cooked, baked, made big pots of soup, rolls, and pots of hot tea.  I have also took my Toika Table loom apart and polished the wood with wood wax and then put it back together.   I have spun wool, knitted on baby booties.  I have also Skype d with Evan...he gets pretty demanding about skyping.    I have cleaned on the upstairs studio.  I have spent time with my animals inside and outside.   Wednesday morning we lost power about 7:30 AM...I was ready, made hot tea over a husband calls me Pioneer Woman...sorry Ree, he means that I could easily live the pioneer life.  (But I was very appreciative that the electric crew got our power back on in about 4 hours.)

We are thankful for the moisture.  God answers prayers.  We ask for rain but God chooses to give us snow.   I have faith that God has all things under control.



  1. Got it up here too. No where to go with the white stuff anymore, and yes more snow next week.

  2. You were getting snow for weeks before us. Makes moisture for the fields and garden. The weather people are saying we could get rain Monday instead of snow but turn to snow Monday night. Just don't want ice but God didn't ask me my opinion so I will be still!

  3. Glad to hear you finally got some much needed moisture. Snow makes for a lot more work - I sure know that one! Looks like we are finally starting to melt off and now it's mud. Still have snow on the ground in places and the county road is like driving on a railroad track it's so bumpy and pot holed! I have been behind reading everyones blogs so it's nice to see all of your lovely yarn and to read that Angie is expecting again. Sure do miss the old Sheep and goat thread when we checked in with each other more often. Be careful out there - Ice is nothing to play with. Hugs and Blessings to you and your family!


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