Wednesday, January 30, 2013

We Got Rain and Snow

We are feeling very blessed to get at least an inch of rain yesterday and it turned to blowing snow this morning with pretty brisk winds out of the West.  We are hoping this is the rain that is the start of a drought buster.  We are very thankful.
And this was a No School Day due to the ice under this snow and prediction of getting 3-5 inches with winds this morning.

Danny took out the mail that needs to go out today. 

To the picnic or sitting by the fire today!  Roasting Marshmellows will have to wait until the temps warm.

There is no rest around here...I  will spend the day doing income tax.

I might snuggle up with a book and a cup of hot tea at times today.  I have a new Spin Off Magazine that I have not read yet...shame on me!

I feel very blessed today.  I am asking God to refresh my mind and lead me in the right direction in all things. 
I pray for my family and friends.  May God bless each of you and your families.  May you always have more than enough of everything you need.  My heart pleads to God to protect, give food and water and a protective home to  the innocent that can not help themselves.  I pray for our military people's safety in foreign lands and a quick return.  I also pray that God will guide and direct every decision that our elected officials need to make to make this country a honorable nation.  Please do not laugh, I am not trying to be funny but I pray daily that God will give everyone a job to support themselves whether they want one or not.  I think this nation has to stop the handouts and use the Social Security program as it was planned to be used.  As a nation, we go over broad on everything we do.  I think the spending down to the toilet paper used in government offices, the people drawing disability, the trips and cost of every trip made by an elected official, and any pork barrel spending and where that money is going should be out there for the taxpayer to know who is wasting our money.  Please help me pray for this nation.  We sometimes want to solve this problem by ourselves when we all know that God is over all, knows all and has the power to fix problems that seem unfixable.  We say we have faith but do we show it when we spend our time condemning others?   It is time we stop with the back biting and write our senators and representatives and go to the source.  Say a prayer and know the true facts before confronting anyone.


  1. So glad you are finally getting some moisture. I haven't commented for awhile - it's been a long winter for me with lots of snow plus fighting a "bug" I haven't been able to shake all the way. I never would consider laughing ever at anyones petition to God - I honor your thoughts and sincerity. I hope we quit fighting with each other and get down to business as well. Blessings on you and yours on this snowy day!

  2. Sheri, hope you feel better soon. I have watched your posts on Facebook and I know you have been so busy trying to stay ahead of the snow and ice...and we could even buy a good snow or shower. I even did chores in mud tonight but it is to be below 0 in the morning.
    It will be shearing time again before we know it. I think my girls are going to eat me out of house at home. They are putting the hay away! Take care.


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