Wednesday, January 16, 2013


I have started the studio clean out...I feel bad that I have held onto all the fiber that I have and my work area is cluttered...I hate to work in cluttered areas but part of me hangs on to each fleece...I run my hands through it, I cherish it...this fiber came from an animal that is a pet that I love with their own unique personality.  They aren't just animals to me.  They each interact with me differently.  I watch over them and protect them.  I enjoy running my hands through their growing coats and dream of what color I will dye it, and what I will make with it.  Will I weave it into a fantastic scarf or will I knit a sweater with it??  I don't want to be a fiber hoarder, I just love my flock. (Are you buying this?  I dream of having beautiful fiber to spin, yarn to knit and weave...heck, I guess you could say my dreams are bigger than my studio.  I don't even mind the small amount of vm because I know my animals get to live a good natural life. I often sit in my chair of an evening with a small trash can and a towel covering my lap and pick any small pieces of hay or short cuts from a fleece that I am getting ready to spin.  I pull out the locks and straighten them and line them up in a basket cherishing each touch of the soft warm fiber and I will be ready to comb them or card them.  I love to handle my wool!    I HAVE MILLIONS OF DYE COMBINATIONS THAT I WANT TO TRY!)
As I worked upstairs and dragged out yet another fleece, I ran my fingers into each labeled basket and sack of wool.  Each sheep has its own unique coat.  My mind is telling me to make some decisions but my fingers keep screaming at me...SPIN IT, WEAVE IT AND MAKE A PAIR OF SOCKS OR A SCARF OR A SWEATER!  So this is what I have together right now that I will sell.  If you see something and have questions please  email me

1.Spinning C Cantaloupe Time   Dyed Border Leicester fleece about 3 lbs, $30 plus postage.  Has a natural sheen, and does have small amount of vm since I do not put coats on my sheep.

2. Earth and Sky about 1 lb of BL cross.  Has a natural sheen, long locks with great crimp.
#2 Locks

#2.  $18

#3. Elegant Lady  About 2 lbs of dyed BL cross fiber, nice long staple and great crimp.  I would like $27 for #3 plus shipping. 

#3 Elegant Lady  SOLD
Please keep in mind that I do not make my sheep wear coats and I do have some vm but we try to feed the sheep in such a way to keep the hay out of the wool and we skirt every fleece heavily to remove as much vm as possible.

#4.  BFL Spinning C Sunset

This is a very fine and beautiful BFL fleece.  The fleece is dyed with oranges, browns, rust, and yellow.
$40 plus shipping for about 3 lbs of BFL.

#5. Watermelon Heart...beautiful BL cross with a sheen.  Long staples, excellent wool to comb.  I could not capture the vibrant rose color in any of my pictures.  6-8 oz   $12plus shipping

#7.Washed white BFL cross fleece   This ewe's fleece is like her sire's fleece, a tightly crimped 3-5 in staple.  About 3 lbs. $34  SOLD

6. Good Sunday Silver about 5-6 oz of BL cross ewe.  Long locks with good crimp and a lovely sheen.    $12 plus shipping.  SOLD
Anything that does not sell soon on my blog will be sold on Ebay.

I also plan to sort out my knitting needle collection and sell off any duplicates.  I have went to auctions and had to buy big lots of needles just to get one or two pairs that I wanted.  


  1. Have anything already spun ups for grabs???
    Love..just love your colours.

    1. Thank you, I love colors and I love to have bunches of color in my studio. I don't have any yarn for sale right now but I sent a few of my fleeces to be processed into yarn and a few into rovings. I will post pictures when I get it back. I am having the wool spun into a heavy sports wt. At the cost of having the wool processed into yarn and the shipping cost...I know it will not be cheap.

  2. Your fibers are just beautiful! I am just learning to spin, and pray that I could buy some wool from you some day!

    1. Shonni, I hope you can too! Thank you for your lovely comment.


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