Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Help I need anger management and prayer

I mentioned that I was going to work on income tax today but the new Dell 15 Z that we purchased and got about 1 month ago wouldn't let me put on the new accounting software.  I have not been very happy with the new computer anyway, it has Windows 8...a big joke..on it.   I have not messed much with the new computer but when I couldn't put new software on, Danny called Dell support.  They checked the new computer and said it wasn't the Dell computer, someone had hacked into the computer and corrupted some files.   BUTTTTTT they would fix it for $299 and we should have registered the new Microsoft software that Dell had pre installed...We did not know that we had to buy this protection, we purchased McAfee for 3 years and just figured we were covered.  I talked to two people that did not speak English well...and I was not real proud of my language before I was done.   Danny and I both were blowing steam.  Danny wanted me to have all the bells and whistles when he got this new computer and got the extras.

Let's talk Windows 8...Microsoft needed to sell software so they put a new paint job on an old product.  They rearranged it so you had to go through more steps.  Like buying a new car and the manufacturer moved all the controls to the windows, lights and the ignition but you got a nice new paint job!

I refused to pay the $299, I asked for a box so I could send the lemon back to them...they did not think it was their fault..."any smart buyer would know to register and protect their new software"...pardon me!@#$#@#$%^&&  and then I was very red hot!  Dell won't stand behind their products...I will not ever own another Dell.   I have not spoke to one American since I started using Dells.  I know we can do better America...let's show them our stuff and put a computer together that will blow the others out of the water!

Pray for me, I have lost my temper today, been a rip, and do not feel any love at all for the Dell or Microsoft companies right now.  I wish there was a class action suit against both of them.  Taxes are not hot tea, no peace, no reading.  Thankful I still have my old computer with Windows 7 on it...  I can't handle this cheating and poor service, I shall turn this over to God and have a cup of hot tea and I shall read my new Spin Off.

Thank you for letting me are great friends!

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  1. I know exactly how you feel!!!! We bought a laptop for Bill with all the bells and whistles a few years ago from Dell and have had nothing but problems. At the same time we bought one for me but a basic one. Same thing and their customer service is terrible! When you call you speak to someone from a different country. We will NEVER NEVER buy anythi g from Dell.


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