Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Spinning and Knitting...Handspun Fiber from the Spinning C Flock

Taking time to get some spinning done.  This is a very soft fiber .  

I plan to make the 2nd ply out of this lovely silver roving.  
I also have these rovings ready to spin.

Silver and teal fiber 

The knitting project that I am working on now from my handspun wool from my flock.

I am so glad that I put the picture of the sheep that donated the wool for me to  spin .  This is going into  the hat  I am knitting from the Spin Off Magazine.


  1. Wow what beautiful spinning,yarn, and colors!!! I love how you put the sheeps picture on the yarn too. Do you still have that lovey reddish 6-8 oz of fiber left that you were selling? I would love to buy it :). I can't wait until you are selling more fleeces:).

  2. Mary Anne, I have already sold the reddish fiber. Sorry. I found a beautiful fleece that I put back while upstairs, warping the loom...I will probably dye it, and sell off some of it. Watch my blog if you are interested. Thank you for your nice comments.
    Thank you Sandra.


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