Sunday, January 6, 2013

Fiber Play

Last  night as I finished with the chores I took this picture.  I feel so blessed that The Lord painted the sky just for me to enjoy!  And now I will share it with you!  There is such beauty in the skies when the temps are in the teens and the ground is covered with the crispy white snow.

After supper last night, I got out the drum carder to start knocking a hole in all the wool that I have washed and ready to work up.   I dyed a few fleeces last summer and had so many special plans for it all...well, as plans go, with good intention, I didn't get my fiber play done.  Oh my!  I feel like a fiber hoarder, my spare bedroom off of my studio is full of washed fleeces. The rack and shelves in my studio have bags and baskets of fleeces, I am surrounded by beautiful colors.   Each fleece is in it's own plastic bag and labeled with the sheep's name and year of shearing.  I sent 6 fleeces to the fiber mill to be processed and two large bags are in the Yukon ready to be taken to the post office for the mill.
Here is an example of a basket of a Border Leicester x Corridale lamb's fleece.  It is so fine and soft!  It just makes me smile to put my hands in it.  I chose to pull out the purples and rose colors to blend on the carder. 

Here are a few rolags in the basket ready for spinning

I dyed a BFL fleece in blues, greens, oranges last summer.  It is so soft that I have changed my plans of making socks with it to knitting a stocking hat with the brims knitted out of this soft 2 ply yarn and the crown will be out of a matching solid color...if all goes well, I plan to make a pair of fingerless mittens to match too. 

I did not make any New Year's Resolutions this year.  I asked God to walk with me, to guide me in all things, I ask that I can be a blessing to others and to Him.  I also asked God to take away the anger toward those that have hurt me and my loved ones and to love and pray for those people that have cheated me out of joy over the years.  I also pray that God will forgive me of my sins and forgive me for the times that I have trespassed on others and that they too will forgive me too.


Couldn't wait, I had to see what this fiber would spin up like.  I think it will be a lovely yarn.

Luke 6:37 ESV    
“Judge not, and you will not be judged; condemn not, and you will not be condemned; forgive, and you will be forgiven;


  1. Your fiber is beautiful. If you ever decide to sell please let me know. I have never processed my own fleece and think it would be a great adventure to tackle this summer when school is out.

    1. Breanna, I am cleaning out my studio and have some washed wool fleeces for sale. I will be posting more pictures on my blog. Let me know if you see anything.

  2. Absolutely lovely!!!!! I also enjoyed your comments for 2013 made me think :)


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