Saturday, December 29, 2012

Coping with freezing temps

Everyday since the temps have dropped below 32 degrees, Danny has been chopping the ice off the top of the cattle waters and we are feeding big bales and small bales of hay to the livestock. 
This is the southwest waterer.  We do not turn up the water, because the ponds are so low, conserving water since the drought last summer.  That means Danny breaks ice everyday that the ice is frozen.

The snow frost the hills of our farm.

Burr!  Up to his elbow to adjust the float.  I am cuddled up in my gloves, coat, scarf, and hat and freezing! 

The waterer at the northwest pond froze and is running over.  I am not too happy with this waterer, it is either running over or something all the time. 

This is on the backside of the house and barns.   Danny has trees to cut up after the fence building but it has been too cold. 
We talk about cutting back but we traded a steer calf for a heifer this last week and Danny has been talking about buying more cows and I got the new BFL ram and 2 ewes and hope that I can buy a few more next summer...Oh, so much for slowing down!

I have been resting much of the time that I have been off.  I tell you, that flu stopped me in my tracks! ..I have did a little fiber play and spinning but I sit down and fall to sleep easily.  Maybe I will be rested up by the time I have to go back to work. 
Time seems to be flying by as I get older.  Computers have helped us to see our children and grandchildren by using Skype and that is such a blessing to me. 



  1. You don't use electric heaters in the water troughs? We would survive without them. It was -15C yesterday morning at dawn. Cats were in, dogs came in as well.Was wearing the mitts I made with your wool. Too cold too fast, but then we have 20 cm of snow that came with it. yesterday it snowed a fine snow all day. All I do in my spare time is shovelling. Okay a lie, but that's what it feels like. Flu...hum! That's what happens when you work with small children, they give it to us all.

    1. We don't have electricity to the water troughs at the ponds, just up by the barn. We have just had a very few days of bad cold weather. No moisture to speak of, we are going to be hurting really bad this summer if things don't get some rain.


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