Sunday, January 6, 2013

Short and Sweet Picture Sunday

Another beautiful sunset!

old White Knight, Border Leicester

Sadie waiting for me to give her a hug and asking me to come in and play with her

Admiring the fiber!

FeFe is feeling good!  She makes me smile!  Funny girl!

Isabel asking me if I need her to come over so I can scratch her chin????

Liam giving me the eye!

Logan wants over the fence with me.  He is such a beautiful boy.

Meme and China eating their hay.

Look at all this beautiful wool  BLx BFL

BFL ewes Neil and Leea

Big Bertha's wool is so thick.

Birdies' Girl.  I love her wool.

The flock eating the good hay from the south pasture...they love it and go after it like candy.

Logan and Liam watching the girls and really wanting to come over the fence.  Registered BFL Rams.

Mr. Gray waiting for a little personal time.

Lady likes to be right in the middle of the flock. 

Reminder I need to make some more peach cordial!  I just had to take a picture of the cut glass sitting here on the table where I sit to download my pictures and write my blog.


  1. Where is your snow?????????
    We have mountains of it. last night was -15C today is to be +2. What one would call flu weather. That said I love being out in the snow. Your ewes look healthy and expecting. Ours seem to live around the feed trough right now.

  2. Birdie girls wool looks amazing! and Isabel is a beautiful girl. Love the picture of your critters.

    1. Thank you for your nice comment. Birdie and Gerty are my favorite fleeces. Gerty's girl has a very fine fleece like a BFL. Birdie's girl has a fleece like her mother's only she has some light brown in her fleece.
      Take care Breanna, hope to see you this Spring.

  3. I almost wish we could have a heavy snow just to get the moisture! We are about 17 inches behind on rain. Are ponds are still very low.
    When will you start lambing? It will be in March for us. My ewes have very heavy coats and I think that makes them look heavier and most of them are in very good shape. I feed good clean hay on the ground trying to keep the fleeces in good shape.

  4. Your sheep are lovely - I will be following to see more photos of them leaping about in happiness - it makes for better wool too (well in my head at least!)


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