Monday, December 24, 2012

Merry Christmas

The Christmas dinners are over for us this year.  Danny and I went over to my mother's yesterday to have a dinner with my brothers and their families.  We were blessed with abundance of food and enjoyed memories of our younger years.  Mom is still in good health and I think she really enjoyed having us around.  She enjoyed getting out her photo albums and sharing her memories with her great grandchildren after lunch.  My younger brother, Phil, enjoys sharing his memories by telling his funny stories and I always sit back and think...I really don't remember all of this or where was I while this was going on.  We laugh and I almost feel like my dad that passed away at the age of 55 in 1977 is present in the room.  Dad loved to laugh and have fun and he loved his family.

After Mom's dinner Ryan and Mandy and Wyatt came on over to our house and Wyatt and I fried up elephant ears...I think they were a hit!  (I had made light rolls to take over to mother's and while I was at it, I mixed up an extra batch of dough so we could fry up the elephant ears.)  
Wyatt had never had elephant ears but it didn't take him long to join me in the kitchen and we worked as a team.  I rolled out the balls of dough very thin about the size of a saucer and Wyatt fried them.  We then put them on paper towel lined plates and sprinkled on powdered sugar and cinnamon.  What a treat!

We pray that you and your family have a very Merry Christmas...and a very good new year!

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