Wednesday, December 12, 2012

A Sheepy Daily Routine

The Spinning C has a daily routine day in and day out.  Danny usually lets the sheep out when I go to work or  under the weather.  He opens the gates of each flock so they can go to the grazing grounds.  The big white dogs come out first and they run the fences to check for unwanted preditors and the sheep take their time to say good morning and get some scratching from Danny.  

Sadie is a lover, she comes running at you and then plants the biggest old hug and nuzzles your neck.  She is a huge helping of love!

Sheep are very nosey.  These girls are watching Danny closing the gates of the other breeding group as we are getting them in close to the barn for the evening.

China stops me to visit for a few minutes.  The girls demand attention.

Minnie and Liam are telling me they love me and ask for some petting this evening.  

Liam wants Danny to pose for a picture.  

I admire the sweet innocence of sweet Bertha.

Sadie is giving Danny a hug.  Sadie is the alpha female guard dog but she is also the biggest  loving pet that anyone could ask for.  She never licks, but she nuzzles you with her cold nose.

Big Bertha waiting for a little grain.

After getting the sheep shut up, watered and fed, then we take care of the cattle.  Dewberry is waiting for  her grain and hay.  

I have soooooo much washed wool upstairs from last Spring's clip.  Time to box up a few fleeces and send off to the processor.  I am going to have a few fleeces processed into pin draftings for weaving. 

Lovey demands everyone's attention.  She would rather have a good petting than eat.

China is telling me goodnight....with a scratch under the chin and a few sweet words, I tell China  that she is just too precious for words and I whisper that I love her too.
Good Evening China...get into the lot so you will be safe for the night and I will see you in the morning.


  1. I have been wondering what you have been up too. Just thought of you on the weekend and how we haven't heard from you. Looks like you are having nice sunny weather. It is freezing cold and snow one day up here and then warm and sunny the next. Real 'get-sick' weather! I had your lovely mitts on the other day and thought of your loving kindness. Looking forward to when your wool comes back and what you will be doing with it. I have been smocking flower girl dresses, and have socks on the needles for those in the city days.


  2. Hi Marlyn
    I am so far behind. We went to Michigan to Ang's for Thanksgiving and I came home and was very tired. I then caught the flu and it stopped me in my tracks for about 1 week and then I went to work, came home, sat down and died for another week.
    Sounds like you are having some very gloomy weather...and you are always so busy.
    God bless


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