Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Family Christmas pictures

Life has been over whelming me in the last few weeks.  Things had been going pretty good this fall, just busy, then we left for Michigan and stayed about 5 days including travel time over the  Thanksgivings week-end...went back to work and wham!!!! the flu hit me and I went down!  I guess I should be saying, I am so thankful that I was able to just miss 3 days of work and I can now breath better.  Nasty Stuff!

Pictures of my family at Mother's house Sunday.
My oldest brother, Steve and his great grandson Reyden.
Steve with his granddaughter and her son.

Steve and one of his twin grandsons, Kylip.

Danny and our grandson Wyatt discussing something.  Mom's house is small so it gets crowded.

Just too cute!

these two were giving me a rough time while I was taking their pictures...hard to believe...so I just put their picture in this blog two times....Wyatt Coffman, grandson.

Mom got out her picture albums to share pictures with her great grandchildren.

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