Tuesday, October 2, 2012

The Youngest Grandson Is Here

I have been so excited today...Angie decided Sunday that she and Evan were coming for a visit.  Ang and Evan left Michigan this morning and got here this evening.  I have been really to bust all day.

Evan had been sitting in a car seat all day so he was ready to explore the farm when he got here.
Papa and Evan having a tractor driving lesson...meeting of the minds!

Papa, I can drive old Johnnie.  Listen to Johnnie put put!

Evan is not ready to take over the steering wheel.

Let's go, go

Talking it over.

Evan and his mother.

Macy and Moose 

Evan and Macy talking it over.

What's in here?

What are we going to do now, Nana?

Bossy and Evan meeting for the first time.

Are you ready to play Macy?

Sugar and Bossy eating pears that had fell off the tree.  Evan watched.

Bossy eating an apple.

Bossy and Sugar watches as Dingle Berry eats a pair...They have really good manners

I am so thankful that Angie and Evan had a safe trip to Missouri.  Angie is going to help her dad work on the bathroom.  It will be so good to have everything back in order again.
I will have something to look forward to every day at work...to play with Evan every evening after work.

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