Friday, October 5, 2012

Cheviot Ram for Sale

Proven Cheviot Ram for Sale$250 SOLD
Sammy is a 2011 Spring lamb, I put him in with 6 ewes last fall.  All lambed twins except for 1 ewe that had a single.  All his lambs were nice, quick gainers, healthy and hearty.
Sammy was a twin.  I went down by Columbia Missouri to get Sammy last fall from an older fellow that had had his cheviots shipped in from the Carolinas.  He had already sold the twin but had held on to Sammy to use for his flock but had decided that he was not going to have a flock any longer.
Sammy is a nice fellow that has never offered to be mean.  He doesn't stand to be petted.
Due to the limited space, I will continue to build my BFL flock  and downsize the shetlands and cheviots.  I had planned to buy some cheviot ewes but changed my plans to just go BFL

If you are interested in Sammy, please call 660-689-3073
or email me at

We are located on HH Hwy near Winigan and New Boston Missouri.

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