Saturday, September 29, 2012

Friday Night HS Football and where did my little grandson go?

Wyatt Coffman  # 58  Trenton Bulldog

 Team Captains from both teams came onto the field and met with the opposing team captains and refs.
Trenton Bulldogs vs: Lincoln Prep Blue Tigers
at Trenton, Mo.,

Toss of the coin...

Wyatt coming in with a smile on his face...I just had to add this picture, just because.

Ready to play!.

Trenton dominated the game the first half not letting Lincoln Prep score a point.  Trenton's Offensive continued to cross the line and kick the extra point for over 40 points before half time.

Lined up and ready to go again.

Ready to kick the extra point...its up....its good!  In the third quarter the coach put in his  younger team players.  They did well.   The Blue Tigers got the chance to find the goal line and the score was no long a 40 plus to O.
I wanta sack....I wanta sack!

I love to see good sportsmanship.   I noticed the team exchanging hugs and  shaking each others hand.  Game is over  and both schools are winners.  

Games over, time to go into the locker room.  We, meaning Wyatt's fans...Mom, Dad, Mama, Papa  Dudley, Papa Coffman, and me his Nana, wait outside the locker room after the game to get to hug and talk to our favorite football player.  

Wyatt talking to his dad after the game.  Do you see the love in his Dad's eyes like I  do?
Wyatt's mother loves her boy and is active in the Quarter Back Club.  My daughter in law is a sweety, a wonderful mother and wife to my son.  God has blessed us so much.

Wyatt plays offense and defense...he loves to sack the quarter back...and I love to  watch him ...cheering him on.

After the family chat, Wyatt takes off to go onto the field...get out of the sweaty shirts and shoulder pads, talk to team mates and friends...

Visit with the girls and guys...

Dads and Grandpa continue to talk on the other side of the fence.

The game is over, the crowd is gone now, these guys showed up to play, and play they did.
I watch as they pick up their bags and walk off the field side by side.   Good Night Bulldogs!
My old heart sings...what a smart and handsome man my oldest grandson has grown up to be!  I click one last picture and fight back the tears not really able to explain all the emotions I am feeling.    I say a prayer thanking God for Wyatt, I am so blessed.  I pray that God will walk with Wyatt forever, that He will watch over Wyatt and protect him from evil and harm.    I pray that God will help Wyatt make the right choices and take the paths that will honor God.
Lord, I give thanks for all the blessings that you have given me.  Help me to transition from one stage of my life to the next but most importantly I need to know that You are walking with me and I never need to know the whys, just that I can trust You Lord to always be with me where ever you want me to go or what ever you want me to do.
I pray for everyone that has come here to read this blog that Lord, you will bless their lives too.
In Jesus Name

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