Saturday, October 13, 2012

What a wonderful week update

Evan and his admirers coming in from a walk in the pasture.

I have been so busy this last week.  I will just do a review of all that has happened this week...and plan to get back in the groove of blogging next week.

Angie and Evan came for a visit a week ago last Tuesday.  Angie has helped Danny with the bathroom remodel.  Papa has had a good time with his youngest grandson, Evan, while Ang is busy laying tiles or flooring.  My bathroom is almost done now.  Ang just finished putting the glass tiles next to the new tub and the backsplash over the new bathroom sink.  No more pink bath tub or sink.

I was sick part of their visit with a stomach bug.  Then I worked during the day and played with Evan in the evenings.  He is so precious.  Love his sweet little voice, his laugh, his big smiles, and the kisses and hugs and I will miss him so bad when he goes back home.

We all took time off from the work here at home to go watch Wyatt's football game friday night.  Angie has been in Michigan and had not seen Wyatt play and it was senior night too.  Evan had not met his Aunt Mandy and Uncle Ryan and cousin, Wyatt...he went to his first football game and loved it.  He was so tired on Saturday.
Evan loved watching the football game but really enjoyed running and playing on the field after the game.  Our next football player.

My oldest grandson, Wyatt, and my youngest grandson, Evan.   Evan had a blast in the grand stands with all the other Bulldog fans, he watched the band do their half time routine and loved it.  He laughed, talked, flirted, and bounced and danced.

We watched the seniors on the football team, the cheerleaders, and the band, walk on the field with their parents.  Wyatt   walked on with his mother, Mandy, and his dad, Ryan.

We sold Sammy, the cheviot ram and the new owners came and picked him up Friday morning.  I am so glad he will be going to a good home with lots of cheviot girls.  They said they would keep him for 3 years then he would go on down the road to another neighbors to stay for 3 years.

I have spoke for 3 registered bred BFL ewes and another registered BFL ram, Logan.

I will try to be better at blogging and talking about fiber and spinning soon.

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  1. Delightful. Glad you had the time to see it all and be part of your grandchildren's lives.


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