Saturday, September 15, 2012

Watermelon Time on the Spinning C

Danny brought in one of his watermelons.  I come home from work and enjoy a slice of cold  sweet  and juicy watermelon for snack and then again at supper...sometimes that is my supper!  I really enjoy the cantaloupe and watermelon that Danny raises in his patch.

Danny has not felt well for over a week now.  He would try to get up and do things but get weak and
go back and lay down...I knew he was never alone, Macy and Einstein laid on him or beside him all the time.
They are great care givers!

While on Pinterest I found some pictures by an artist that I had never heard of but as I looked at his pictures, I saw
myself in them.   I usually wear more clothes than she does but not always but I see her doing so many things that I do.  She is also a well rounded woman like me, loves animals and nature.  I wondered if the artist had been hiding and caught my activities here on the farm.

She makes me smile!  This is me I swell...OK, her body is better than mine.  I have been known to take the salt shaker, a knife and a bucket to sit right in the melon patch to enjoy a slice of watermelon.    I love to eat a slice of watermelon, juice dripping down my chin, eating the heart first and spitting the seeds...savoring every bite!

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