Sunday, September 16, 2012

Feeling Blessed on the Lord's Day

I marvel at the tiny humming birds. How can that tiny bird eat so much?  I mix up 4 cups of nectar every day and they drink it all.  We have about 10 plus little hummers eating at our feeders.

They were buzzing around me as I took pictures.  They were so close to me...then I noticed that they were diving at the newly dyed wool that I had just brought out to dry...they were attracted to the magenta pink wool .

Are they so unique?

I dyed 3 fleeces, this one was about 1/3 magenta and 2/3 fleece of chestnut and autumn.

This ram lamb is out of Big Bertha and Liam, BFL.  He was a twin and fast grower.   He is beautiful  and I would like to sell him to someone that needs a ram with good fiber and fast growing.  He should get pretty big.

Things have really greened up since the rain last week.  We got 2 inches 4 tenths.   We feel very blessed to get  the rain.
I walked down to the South sheep pasture and took my camera. I noticed this tiny yellow finch eating on the thistle along the road side.

This little finch was after the thistle seeds.

Macy Sue and Sadie are buddies and enjoy playing together.

Big Betha enjoying the new green grass.  Look at the wool growing on these girls.

I have a few Shetland/BL crosses.  I love working with their wool.  It is long and  has a luster.
These crosses are long with straight backs and they have beautiful lambs when they are bred to Liam, my  BFL ram.

BL mule/BFL cross.

These ram lambs are really looking good.

Macy thinks she has to go where ever I go.  She loves to hunt and big Sadie and  Steiner go with her.
She makes me laugh with her actions.  She also loves to be loved and wants to be close to me where ever  I am.

Sadie is just waiting for me to call her to me for some hugs.

Lady comes to me but she is not as outgoing as her sister, Sadie.  Her head is larger  and she has  black eye
make up around both eyes.  She loves the lambs.

Remember the ewe that I thought was dying?  Here is Isabel today, doing great  with her
lamb, Hot Shot.  Look how big he is.  He was born in the heat of summer on  July 5th.

We are so thankful for the green grass and so are the sheep.

The sheep are looking good.  We fed grain and some hay  during the  drought  so that the ewes  could be healthy
at breeding time.

I love Blue Bird,  Isn't she pretty.

I love old Cinnamon.  She had twins this year.  She was bred by Sammy, the Cheviot  ram and her lambs
are below...they are quit, hearty, and have gained so well and fast.

I love their little top knots.

Another one of Sammy's offspring.  They are all little characters.

This is Birdie's girl from last year. Her mother is 1/2 Oxford and 1/2 Bl, a daughter of Bonnie and White Knight.  I love her wool and  her build.  She will be put in with Liam, BFL ram.

Look at her wool.

I can't wait to get my fingers in her fleece next Spring.

This is another fleece that I dyed. yesterday.

I pray that God has blessed you with a good weekend.  I sure feel blessed.  I have my wonderful  family and husband,  my home, all of our animals, all my friends, and most of all I have my Lord, my Saviour.  
We continue to pray for more rain to replace the water in the ponds.  I wouldn't even mind some wet snow this winter to replenish the moisture in the ground and ponds.

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