Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Workin' Wednesday...putting by

The last two days has been a whirl wind.  Let's see...Danny had two flat tires on his tractor...they were haying for someone and the field had thorn trees...I think he said it cost him about $200 to get the tires fixed...then they moved to another hay field.   Today the guy mowing got stung by a yellow jacket so everything came to a stop so they could get him to the doctor due to the fact that he is very allergic to bee and wasp stings...he is OK and Danny went back to the field to finish racking and he will bale the rest of the hay this evening.

James brought  a 5 gallon bucket of sweet corn and one of tomatoes this morning so I went right to work shucking the corn and cutting it off the cob to put in the freezer and washing jars to can the tomatoes...and preparing a meal.

 Hubby had requested some easy no bake coconut oatmeal cookies so I also made those...I had saw the recipe on Pinterest and I told him about them and that's what triggered the urge for no bake cookies.

I have a Samsung 10.1 Tablet that I use for recipes in the kitchen and I was messing around trying to download the recipe last night when I found an app that will get the recipes right from Pinterest.  How easy was that???  Chef tap is the app...I think that is the name.

My tablet makes the neatest cookbook and I don't have to write out the recipe anymore...where would I be without my toys?
I got a new bucket with a lid and the makings to make a big batch of homemade laundry detergent...I will test it out and if I like it, I will continue to make it...if not I will go back to Tide.

I will let you know if I like it or not...Laundry is caught up for a couple of days.

I made a batch of liquid handsoap from a bar of soap and I am not thrilled by it...not enough suds just feels slimmy to me...but now I have a gallon and I have to use it before buying anymore.  

I can't wait to visit my younger in Michigan and another in Nebraska...both talk to me on the phone and both like me to sing Old McDonald...I got them matching outfits to wear on the farm their last visit don't they look like farm boys?   I have little milk buckets to put farm animals in and I will get both a book of old McDonald and when I read it to them, we will look in the bucket for that animal.  Think what a little guy can carry in a bright shiny bucket.
do you happen to notice the look on the  littlest face?  

Brandon, the oldest was walking everywhere and hard to keep up with but when I look at the pictures...I think Evan will give Brandon a run for his money since he is walking running everywhere.

I got a chance to take a picture of their feet together...I love this picture1

This is a picture of me in the years to come, (I am the plump one  on the end)  friend..will you dress in purple and wear a red hat and have coffee and chat with me ?

God bless each of you.


  1. Summertime is always busy. I am envious of your tomatoes - mine are way behind this year. Hopefully they will have time to finish since I have a greenhouse. Already 45 last night so it won't be long and fall will be in the air.

    1. I am super busy here too. Long days and just trying to keep up with the garden is a project in itself.

  2. I have been making my own laundry detergent for over a year now and I love it. I noticed that you are using the same ingredients I use with one exception. I add some store brand oxyclean to my laundry soap because I have messy kids and I always seem to make a mess when I cook. Works like a charm.

  3. Sheri, I am so looking for fall. Things are burnt up here. We heard that those south of us about 20 miles got a good shower this morning but again we didn't get sprinkles. 45 sounds so good right now. I hope your tomatoes produce many buckets for you.

    Are you seeing any changes toward fall in Canada? Hope you are getting lots to put by for winter too...I think if the predictions are right, food will be very costly before Spring next year.


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