Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Foggy Mornin July 31st

A cup of coffee and a foggy morning helps me get up and out.   I will have to wait to turn the sheep out until the fog lifts some, due to the coyotes.  The sheep are scattering more every day due to the dry pastures, looking for more to eat.  So the dogs are having to work harder to protect them.  We did get another 1/4 inch of rain over the week end and we were blessed with a cloudy over cast day for most of Monday.
I love to grab my camera on  a foggy morning.  It is about 6 am and the sun has not burnt through yet.  It is suppose to get up to 96 today.  Yesterday was cloudy most of the day and on radar it looked like we were getting rain but all we got was a few sprinkles...but we were blessed with temps in the 90's and the clouds.  

The fog seems to layer the lower areas, I love a foggy morning in these hills.

Good Morning everyone.  I pray this morning for three sweet children that loss their father in a motorcycle accident last Thursday.  Today is his funeral and I know these three children are hurting so bad.   I ask God to wrap his loving arms around them and help them with their loss.  I pray for you too that God will bless each of you today.

Little hummer is getting his breakfast early this morning.  Due to the hot and dry weather, the humming birds are hitting the feeders extra heavy this summer.  I try to  keep them filled because I know their food supply is limited.

God blesses those that mourn, for they will be comforted.  Matthew 5:4

A few of the sheep are slowly leaving the barn lot heading South.  No hurry this morning, it is nice and cool and foggy...Let's go sleepy heads...get to eating before it gets hot.  I think it will be hot and humid today.


  1. It has been foggy here in the morning too. Cooler nights and hot days I guess. Not as hot as you but the humidity is terrible. This morning the mosquitoes were terrible. Could be humidity could mean rain is on route. I am cheering for the rain.

  2. Oh yes, let's cheer for the rain. Danny and I were talking this morning that it almost feels like late August or early September. All year it has seemed like we are a month ahead...maybe we are getting ready for a cool down and some rain...we can only pray!
    How is your sewing going?


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