Saturday, August 25, 2012

Trenton Bulldogs Gets the BIG W at Carrollton

The Trenton Bulldogs aren't the biggest team but their will to win is Giant!  

Watch out Carrollton 65...the cannon ball is about to hit you....Lordy, Lordy...Wyatt loves to tackle. I love to take pictures of my grandson, Wyatt Coffman, No. 58. but it is very hard to get good shots of him this year...he is always in the middle of the pack, pushing and shoving.
I watched this team play teamwork that you wouldn't believe!  Each one knew their job and no one was trying to showboat...they were out there as a team and they got the job done to take the win.  Danny and I talked about how much we enjoyed the game on the way home.  Many of the team were never off the field except for timeouts.  They went from defense to offense without a hitch.  We watched the Trenton line stand shoulder to shoulder and block and block and never miss a beat.  

Wyatt had two guys on him most of the night.  But I think he likes it that way.  He just kept pushing back.  I think he is very glad that he has lifted weights and worked out everyday and these guys are just another challenge...Wyatt has always liked a challenge!

Wyatt defending his line.  Hold em Coffman!  

I watched these Trenton boys keep holding, blocking and running all night...whew...I was worn out by the end of the game.....I have to admit that I was on my standing up, muscles tense, yelling and cheering and laughing as I watched these Trenton boys put out 100%.  What a game!...I think I said that already but can you tell I am a Trenton Bulldog fan?

Wyatt two timing again and again!  

Hey Wy...get up, what are you doing down there?  

The hand off  was good, the blocking was good...that adds up to another 6 points

Oh...just a little too high!

Wyatt putting his body into it!

I like this picture...The Black and Gold stand shoulder to shoulder as a team...teamwork wins!

These guys have more push and shove,,,I think they have the will to win!

Time Out...get a drink and ready to go again!

Number 58, Wyatt Coffman, my oldest grandson.  He has been the highlight of our lives for 17 years.  We love him and pray for him daily.  God has answered our prayers many times over.  Wyatt is smart, healthy, and has grown into a very good young man.
Wyatt, I will continue to pray for you until my last breath.  I am very proud of you but not just for your football playing skills but for who you have grown up to be.  I pray that you will always know God and I know that He will never leave you nor forsake you.  I pray that God watches over you, protects you on the field and off the field  and always helps you make the right decisions in this life filled with the world.  As I watch you play football I know that you are growing into a strong young man that sets his mind to do a good job and does not back down from any challenge...a trait that will take you far.
Thanks for entertaining your Nana another day in her life!  My throat is sore from yelling for you this morning, my body aches from sitting on the bleachers and straining my muscles trying to help you, I can not imagine what your body feels like after all the hitting and pushing and shoving on that field.  All I can say is
 Buck Up and Get Back Out There!
Nana is ready for another game!

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