Sunday, August 26, 2012

It Is Raining

We are so thankful for the rain this morning.  I got wet while out choring...even had mud stick to my shoes.  The animals are O.K. with me singing praises to God but I think I was more zealous this morning and they looked confused...does the feed lady want us to follow her or has the old gal lost it?  I think they settled on the latter because they just stood at their feed pans and watched me as I did my And I didn`t care..just kept singing Thank You Jesus!
Little Hummers eating breakfast in the rain.
Some of the sheep are coming into the barn, they don't like getting wet!
Teddy stopped and enjoyed the fresh rain but later decided he better get in too...sugar melts you know?

Radar is finally correct this morning.  All summer we would be covered with green and it was just cloudy.

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  1. Good ole Teddy! He always enjoys a good shower. Thank you Lord for the rain on my Momma and her babies!


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